What Does Feng Shui Say About The Lotus Symbol?

Last updated on June 7th, 2023

Many of us are searching for ways to be closer to nature in our homes as our lives get busier and more technology-focused. One way to get started on this is by using feng shui concepts. By utilizing the natural cycles, feng shui aims to improve harmony with the environment.

The benefits of the outdoors can be introduced into your house in various ways. One of them is working with meaningful natural symbols, such as plants or animals. The lotus is a familiar emblem that conjures up feelings of harmony, compassion, and tranquillity. Continue reading to find out how to improve the feng shui of your property by utilizing the lotus symbol.

The Symbolism and Meaning of Lotus in Feng Shui

Beautiful lotus plants that thrive in ponds and lakes are well-known as symbols in many different civilizations. It features a sizable flower with petals that are white, red, or pink in color. All elements of the lotus flower are used for multiple things in China. The bloom is utilized for decorative purposes, although the plant’s other parts are valid for food and medicine.

It is not possible to transport a living Lotus flower into your home, unlike many other flowers and plants. Instead, you can purposefully introduce a picture of the flower into your environment if you wish to engage with the meaning of the flower. Here are a few lotus-related feng shui meanings.

Fertility and marriage

Lotus has come to stand for a harmonious union since its Chinese name combines two syllables that indicate connection and serenity. Lotus buds are frequently used as signs of fertility and progeny in artwork and ornamental goods. In addition, its seed pods represent fecundity, which stands for the capacity to produce in abundance.

Perfection along with purity

Buddhism is one of the ancient cultures that feng shui borrows from. Because it can flourish and produce a flawless bloom even in the most noxious dirt, the lotus is regarded in the Buddhist tradition as a sign of enlightenment. One of the eight good Buddhist treasures, it features several figures of sitting bodhisattvas and Buddhas.

Compassion and Contentment

The compassionate bodhisattva Quan Yin is frequently shown holding or seated on a lotus. The lotus has come to represent compassion because of the relationship connecting Quan Yin and this flower. The meaning of Quan Yin’s compassion mantra, “Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum,” is “jewel in the lotus.”


In addition, the abundance and fruitfulness of summer are connected to the lotus. This plant can give us a lot of things. It blooms and produces seeds simultaneously throughout the summer. Also, the components of this plant are edible, decorative, or medicinal.

Adding this symbol to your house

Having a lotus-filled pond in your garden is quite fortunate if you live in an area with the right climate and have a pond. You can also include a picture of a blooming lotus in some areas of your home, as the majority of us do not have access to this option.

If you have your own meditation space, you should use lotus imagery there. Your goals of connecting with more calm and contentment can be supported by the Lotus in this location. In spite of difficulties, your inner perfection and beauty are always present, symbolized by the lotus. According to feng shui, the center of your home is a crucial spot since what you do there has an impact on the entire house. You can set a goal to bring harmony and serenity into your home when you place a picture of a lotus here.

To add more serenity and harmony to your life, place a picture of lotus blossoms and flowers in your bedroom. According to feng shui, your bedroom is a representation of who you are, making everything you add there highly potent.

The Lotus flower can be used in the multiple ways mentioned above to bring more meaning and prosperity into your home. Feng Shui uses a lot more flowers and fruits as symbols that can benefit your home environment. Read the articles on the Homebliss blog to know more!