Your Zodiac Sign Can Reveal Which Room You’re Likely to Unpack First

Last updated on February 19th, 2022

The stars worked in your favor, you signed the papers of your new house and head out on a new journey to create new memories and make new friends in your new home.

And, once the dust settles down, you are left with a house, waiting to be decorated and turned into a home. Read on to know how your zodiac sign reveals which room you are likely to unpack first!

1. Aquarius – The Entertainment Unit

Zodiac Sign Can Reveal Which Room You’re Likely to Unpack First - Aquarius

Independent thinkers, Aquarians are known for their affinity towards technology. They would rather set up the entertainment unit (especially the speakers) so that they could set up their new home while listening to their favorite playlist.

2. Pisces – The Bathroom

The ever-caring and selfless Pisceans would rather unpack their kids’ room first, before anything else. That being said, it might help if Pisceans to set up the bathroom first. After all the work, we are sure that they would love to connect with their element – water and a spa-like bathroom would be a great fit for a water baby like them.

3. Aries – The living room

The adventurous and social Arian loves to be surrounded by friends. And since this social butterfly loves to be the perfect host, setting up the living room before any other room makes perfect sense. That way, the fiery Aries can enjoy some relaxed time after a hectic shifting day. Pizza and Beer, anyone?

4. Taurus – Furnishing Items

Ruled by the planet of beauty Venus, Taurians are known for their love for everything artsy. So, after moving into their new house, a Taurian would rather unpack the paintings, rugs, and other decorative pieces first.

5. Gemini – Books or maybe the bar!


Zodiac Sign Can Reveal Which Room You’re Likely to Unpack First - Gemini

Being ruled by the twins, this sun sign is defined by its dual traits. As an intellectual air sign, Geminis are most likely to set up a reading nook in the new house, first. Or, perhaps, they might just set up the bar unit, and invite friends over for some grub and drinks.

6. Cancer – The Bedroom

Zodiac Sign Can Reveal Which Room You’re Likely to Unpack First - Cancer

People belonging to this zodiac sign like their home to be a resting sanctuary. So, you would rather find a Cancerian setting up the bedroom. Because having a cozy and comfy bedroom is essential for this zodiac sign to make the new place feel like home.

7. Leo – The Entryway

Appearance matters to Leos, so they will surely start with setting up the entryway of the house. Right from the moment when you walk into a Leo’s home, you will immediately be mesmerized with its exquisite interiors. Indeed, this sign knows how to create an impression and that begins with a fab entryway and great lighting.

8. Virgo – Kitchen

Zodiac Sign Can Reveal Which Room You’re Likely to Unpack First - VirgoLoyal, kind, and health-conscious Virgo will unpack their kitchen first so that they can curate and organize each of the drawers and cabinets to perfection. And in all likelihood, they also own a fleet of kitchen tools to make cooking easier for them.

9. Libra – Wardrobe

The wild child amongst all, Librans love to make a statement with their quirky style quotient. So, it isn’t a wonder why this air sign will fancy a state-of-the-art wardrobe, filled with their favorite clothes.

10. Scorpio – Meditation Space

A passionate and spiritual Scorpio will look to set up a spot for meditating, be it in a dedicated room, or even in the corner of the living room.

11. Sagittarius – The War Room

Sagittarians are mostly on a learning journey and have numerous interests – starting from traveling, blazing arrows, to going out on a spiritual excursion. Hence, you will find this intelligent and intellectual sign looking for a dedicated space where they can learn and strategize.

12. Capricorn – Home Office

Capricorns tend to be workaholics, that’s why they waste no time getting their home office set up. In general, they would tend to adopt a viable strategy to moving – Unpack the things they use for one day, and, from that point, focus on what they’ll require throughout the week (or weeks) of unloading.

Happy unpacking!