Zenful Hues: Discover Serenity With Japandi-Style Paint Colors

Last updated on July 30th, 2023

Japandi-style decor straddles elements of Scandinavian and Japanese Wabi-Sabi decor. This design style isn’t going to lose its charm anytime soon. It has all the elements you need for a relaxed and stress-free environment, a must-have in challenging times.

So, what are the main elements you need to consider for this soothing home decor? For starters, your wall color can make all the difference. Let’s take a closer look at some of the colors you can pick to create a soothing space.

How to Work the Japandi Colors into Your Decor

Japandi decor is gaining popularity in the world of interior design. Interestingly, it has a mix of minimalism and zen to complement the Japandi decor. So, what are the things you should keep in mind before picking your colors? Let’s take a look:

  • Go for neutral shades that are at the heart of Japandi decor. This means soft shades of gray, muted beige, and the Swiss Coffee or Super Moon shades. While these shades sound exotic, they express understated elegance with their simplicity.

  • Try to infuse soothing elements into your decor to elevate the zen feel. These can be rustic wood or clay artifacts, driftwood arrangements, or bamboo stools and lamps.

  • To give your space dimension, pick throw cushions in muted tones of gray, brown, or grayish green.

    To make it more interesting, we have here a selection of the hot Japandi colors doing the rounds in the world of design. But hey. These colors are subtle shades that need a discerning eye. When you get the hang of it, you will fall in love with them, just like we did!

Swiss Coffee is Sure to Set the Mood

While the word coffee invokes shades of rich brown, Swiss coffee is more of a sandy white shade with brick undertones. This not-quite-white shade allows you the luxury of white without its starkness. This calm color is warm and inviting, ideal for your Japandi look.

For your furniture, you can go for dark wood for an exciting contrast. We prefer dry floral arrangements to go with this look. However, if you like a green element, go for deeper green foliage, such as the weeping fig or the rubber plant, for a muted green shade.

How about the Super Moon Shade?

A balance of super moon off-whites and cream moonlight exudes a relaxing space. These shades are perfect when you want a balance of Japandi and Scandinavian styles. Play off these shades against light wood color furniture. You can try darker neutrals on your upholstery for better definition. And hey, mimic the lighter wood shades on your floor as well. If you like area rugs, try neutral shades such as beige or gray.

Off-white sofas work well in this setting. For contrast, you can try natural wood furniture and earthenware accents in dark tones.

Pair White with Gray Mist

For perfect Japandi decor, you need crisp and welcoming shades. Soft off-white shades are a good choice when paired with neutrals. Jute shades are an interesting accent color for this decor. You can also add Swiss Coffee to the decor to up the ante.

Shades that lean toward gray or beige work too. To add a dash of color, add darker tones of neutrals, such as a deep gray or ocher, to your throw cushions and upholstery. A cluster of dark green leafy plants, such as the philodendron, will complete this gorgeous look.

The Deep Gray After-Hours Shade

This gray-green paint shade is Japanese tradition at its best. Another interesting shade is soft charcoal. A jute or sisal handwoven rug fits the bill in this setting. Darker wood tones are a perfect match for this decor. Hunt for old leather or earthenware accessories to complete this look. Limewash paint oozes style and is ideal for the Japandi look.

To add a zen element, a few candles or incense sticks will do the trick.

Summing Up

Japandi decor sounds complicated. However, you can achieve almost the same effect in your decor by using neutral shades such as gray, beige, or white. Once you pick your favorite neutral shades, the rest isn’t difficult. However, if you are a perfectionist who hates making compromises, we are here to help. Just log in to homebliss.in and find out more about our design approach.