Feng Shui Unveiled: How To Size Up A Home’s Energy Flow

Last updated on October 19th, 2023

Life has a habit of throwing a curve ball when we least expect it. And frankly, we can do with all the help we can get. Feng shui is one such aid that is said to bring positivity and wellness into our lives. It is essential to check the energy flow of your prospective home before finalizing your deal.

So, what are the things you should be looking out for before buying a home? What’s more, how do these elements help? Let’s read on and find out more about this fascinating concept of feng shui.

The neighborhood matters

It may seem like a stretch, but the surrounding areas of your home can play a vital role and affect your energy field. So, the first thing you need to do is check out the neighborhood by taking a walk around the nearby areas. Rundown and dilapidated houses are not the best companions as they affect the qi or the life force energy. Next, take a close look at the trees and greenery in your area. Lush, healthy greenery is desirable. To avoid the yin energy, keep away from places that have a cemetery close by.

History is vital

Who lived in the house and what their lives were like has an impact on your life too, as the energy vibrations are present in the atmosphere and the walls. This means avoiding places where murder, suicide, or financial ruin have occurred. While the health of the previous owners is said to matter too, today health issues are a part of life and should be taken in stride.

Road intersections

While it may not seem relevant when you look at the bigger picture, as per the tenets of feng shui, T-intersections are not auspicious. This may be because your home opens out to the dead-end street, and you get the positive as well as the negative energy from that section. So it’s best to avoid such locations.

Energy flow

Feng shui is all about the flow of energy. That is why it’s important to check the qi flow from your front door, otherwise called the mouth of the qi. This is the entry point for the qi and should be easy to find. Just think about it, if your guests can’t find your front door, how will the qi energy find it? Make sure there is a clear path to the door. Remove obstructions such as plants or trees blocking the way.

Feng shui and the commanding position

The commanding position is about locating the sofa, the bed, or the desk in such a way that you can get a clear view of the entry point. The bed is the most important of all and ideally, you should place your bed against a wall without windows, diagonally opposite the door. This way, you can invite the positive qi into your home.

Follow your instincts

Brushing aside these tenets of feng shui, if you let your instincts take over and get a feel of the place, you will be able to judge if there is negative energy present. What’s more, living in a feng shui-compliant space will not guarantee you a peaceful existence. A bit of rain is part of life. You can’t expect every day to be sunny. So, if you like the place and it feels good to you, go for it.

Our thoughts

Financial limitations and difficulties in finding a good home may put a spanner in the works if you go by these strict feng shui tenets. Try to do the best you can to get a place oozing positivity and leave the rest to destiny. For more information on feng shui or Vaastu, we at homebliss.in have interesting blogs for you to go through. If need be, we have our experts to check your space for you. Visit our website today!