Remove These Vastu Doshas From Your Home-Sweet-Home

Last updated on June 21st, 2023

Have you moved into a new house, or have you been residing somewhere for a while and are starting to have problems? If you intend to consult a Vastu expert for your home, you should be aware that a few of the solutions they recommend may need significant structural alterations.

However, there are some vastu shastra components that you can set in various locations in your house to remove vastu dosh. Discover what these components are and how to employ them as remedies in this article!


The correct mirror location can significantly reduce vastu dosh.

Since the dawn of time, mirrors have had a vital place in vastu shastra. A wonderful vastu tip to encourage positivity in the home is to arrange mirrors strategically. Never install a mirror directly across from the front door, and be careful that the one you put in your bedroom isn’t reflecting the bed.

Sea Salt

A powerful element to get rid of Vastu dosh from a house is sea salt. According to vastu shastra, sea salt is particularly effective for houses. Placing modest amounts of sea salt that has not been crushed is a quick fix for vastu dosh. It takes in all the bad energy from the house. You might also add a little sea salt to the water you make use of for mopping the floor as an alternative. Make sure the salt you put in the dishes is changed every other day.


A pyramid yantra is a fantastic tool to ward off negative Vastu from your home.

Recently, the pyramid yantra has become incredibly popular among households as a solution. The materials used to construct this small pyramid include stone, metal, glass, and cardboard. The perfect individual to advise you on how to use these pyramids is a Vastu expert for homes. You can set a pyramid-shaped yantra at your home’s entryway to shield it from evil energies.

Wind Chimes

A quick and attractive solution to vastu issues is to use wind chimes. Today, wind chimes may be found in most homes, but they are not merely ornamental items. While many people only consider the visual appeal of wind chimes, some are conscious of the type of energy they want to draw into their homes. Utilize wind chimes with six or eight hollow rods if you have vastu dosh because they boost positive energy.

Crystal Balls

An excellent substitute is a clear quartz crystal hung in the appropriate location. Pyramids can be substituted where they appear weird with vastu crystal balls. These clear quartz crystal balls provide a beautiful appearance when displayed in a home or place of business. These are beneficial because they magnify a specific energy, thought, or intention. Since any type of energy can be absorbed by these crystals, it’s critical to maintain cleanliness at all times. There are crystals in a variety of colors, such as red for luck, pink for love, orange for wealth, and so on.


The horseshoe should be positioned with its ends pointing up. According to Vastu, for a house, the horseshoe is particularly lucky and attracts fortune and wealth. It will draw in and hold all the positive energy moving by if you place it with both ends pointed up. This is best done near the main door. It should not be hung upside down so as to prevent your home from losing a good fortune.


Colors have always had an effect on the energies of a home. According to vastu shastra, certain colors have a significant influence on attracting positive energy. Yellow or orange are fantastic selections for kid’s rooms, while pink, blue, and green are excellent for the living room and master bedroom. Simply changing the wall paint hues could be an excellent option if you have vastu dosh.

These tips will help you get a basic understanding of the elements you can use to eliminate Vastu dosh. Make sure you consult a Vastu professional and use these elements according to their suggestions. For more such practical tips on Vastu and even Feng Shui, check out the Homebliss blog!