Living Room Pulling In Negative Energies? Here Are a Few Vastu Tips

Last updated on August 10th, 2022

Your living room is the conduit to the inner chambers of your home. It is also a social landing pad where you host guests, have parties, spend time with your family, and unwind after a long day at work. Given this role, you would naturally want a living room that oozes positivity and happiness.

The ancient knowledge of Vastu Shastra could help you achieve this effect. This classical science of architecture offers guidance on the principles of layout, design, measurement, spatial use, arrangement, ground preparation, and geometry.

Here are some Vastu tips that will help you flush out negativity from your living room and attract positive vibes.

Make a Grand Entrance

According to Vastu, the doors to your living room should be located on the north or the east as they allow positivity to flow in. Avoid blocking these entryways with any decorative items, be it plants, statues, etc. Such dwar vedh (obstacles in the doorways) can block the positivity from making its way in.

On that note, you can light a diya, dhoop, or camphor near the door to clear any negativity. Similarly, hanging a wind chime at the entrance will play soothing music that attracts positivity. However, avoid trying too much at the entryways. A tidy, decluttered entrance is best to filter in good vibes.

Picking the Right Shades

Colour plays a crucial role in regulating your living room’s Vastu. Light shades are highly recommended as they can elevate the energy levels of the room. Think cream, beige, yellow, or pink.

Of course, you can spice things up with a darker accent wall, but ensure that it does not overwhelm the overall look and feel of your living room. You can also keep things lively with attractive designs such as floral or botanical prints on the accent wall. Avoid black as much as you can and swap it with deeper shades of brown and navy blue if you need an alternative.

Balance Out the Lights

Oversized chandeliers may seem trendy, but they are far from being Vastu compliant. Such lights form the focal point of the room and anybody sitting right under them would feel uncomfortable. It also throws off the balance that light should ideally create, especially since you should not have any dark corners according to Vastu. Create a sense of equilibrium by installing layered lights that illuminate the living room uniformly.

Even if you have a chandelier, ensure that it is of the right size in relation to the room and is backed by sidelights. For the darker corners, pedestal lamps can do the trick and add volumes to the living room aesthetic.

Let Positivity Take Root

Vastukars often suggest that homeowners should become one with natural elements if they want peace and tranquillity in their homes. And so, plants are the easiest way to embrace Mother Nature. Set a trail of plants leading from the main gate or your house to inside the living room. These plants have to be cared for, watered on time, and dead plants should be replaced immediately.

You should also keep the leaves free from dust and prune these plants periodically. Such rigorous standards of upkeep may leave you going for the easier option of a low-maintenance plant for your living room. However, avoid cactus and settle for other alternatives like the money plant, Zanzibar gem, snake plant, or lucky bamboo.

Go with the Flow

Speaking of natural elements, water is highly regarded as a positive element as it is a bad conductor of negative energy. However, it needs to be flowing to attract positivity. Consider setting up a fountain or an aquarium in the living room – preferably in the northeast corner of the room. If setting up a fixture containing moving water seems tricky, you can hang paintings of rivers and waterfalls (or even goldfish) to attract positivity and prosperity.

On that note, avoid hanging any paintings or pictures depicting negativity, such as war, poverty, etc., as it will have a completely opposite effect.

Welcome Positivity

Treat positivity like a guest. If your living room is cluttered or unclean, then none of the above Vastu tips will bear any fruit. Clutter and broken items attract stagnant energy that will prevent you from progressing.

When you start with the foundation of a clean, decluttered, and tidy living room and the rest will follow. If you have windows that face east, leave them open in the morning hours around sunrise and let the warm rays of the sun bless your home. The pleasant sunlight, fresh oxygen from the plants, and gentle babbling of flowing water will create an aura of peacefulness that will elevate the positivity of your living room.

Your living room is the entry point of energy into your home. Use the above Vastu tips to ensure that only the positive energy makes its way in while the rest stays out. You might notice deeper bonding amongst family members, more opportunities on the personal or professional front, and heightened peace. Check out the HomeLane blog for more tips on making your home Vastu compliant and aesthetic!