9 Tricks to Keep Your Living Room Organized!

We’ve all been there. No matter how many times you tidy your house, as ‘everyday living’ happens, it takes no time to get back to being cluttered. But if not the rest of the house, you need to keep the living area presentable for those unexpected visits from friends or family.

Here are 9 quick and easy tips and tricks to make keeping the living room organized, a breeze!

1.  Add some storage-cum-seating space in the entryway to limit clutter from this area finding its way into the living room.

Courtesy: Crisp Architects

2. Choose tables for the living room with two levels and use the lower one for storage. You can use baskets for this, which you can color coordinate with the living room décor for a uniform look.

Courtesy: inmobiliasantander.com

3. Replace your coffee table with one with hidden storage. A life-saver for all those times when guests pop in all of a sudden and you need a place to shove things in, in a hurry!

Courtesy :Frances Herrera

4.  Choose a rolling storage unit for the living room, one that can be put away when guests arrive and you need more space.

Courtesy: mblubut.net

5. Store magazines and newspapers together. This way the living room will have less clutter.

Courtesy: Homeinfo

6.  Baskets are a great way to prevent clutter.  Lay a few baskets in the living room and see the clutter vanishing.

Courtesy: Decoridea

7.  Choose an entertainment unit with shelves to display your curios out of, all in one place.

Courtesy: Lamsaah

8. If you are an avid reader and have books everywhere, it might be time to organize your book collection in shelves. This way there will be less clutter in the house, especially in the living room.

Courtesy: Yandex.net

9. Cables and wires snaking out of your gadgets and the TV can make your living room décor look cheap. Find a way to hide them!

Courtesy: recherches.aol.fr