Simply Divine: How To Decorate Your Pooja Room

Last updated on October 17th, 2023

The pooja room is an important and sacred part of your space, and that’s the reason it needs to be decorated well. But contrary to popular belief, decorating a pooja room isn’t that difficult at all. You can choose a simple, demure look or go for elaborate patterns when selecting a design for your pooja space; it all depends on your personal style and aesthetic.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and could use some help in decorating your pooja room, then this piece is for you. Read on!

Paint your walls

The colours you choose for your pooja room should exude a sense of serenity. Since home temples are often designed in a small space, you should paint the wall in light shades of orange, yellow or green. This will help to open up the space, making it look bigger. You could also choose a patterned wallpaper for this wall.

Select a distinctive door design

When choosing the door design for your pooja room, make sure to go in for a distinctive design. It should be different from other doors of the house. Wooden doors with beautiful carvings, filigree work, bells, or glass doors with motif designs are all traditional options that are perfect for this space.

Use the right lighting

The lighting you choose for a pooja room plays a very important role in creating the right setting. You can decorate the altar with tiny battery-operated lights or string lights for the right effect. Adding big pendant lights in the space is also a good option to light up the whole space.

Create a backdrop

Adding a backdrop to your space is a great way to accentuate the pooja room. This helps even if your altar is simple. A monochrome backdrop with a minimalistic mandap is a perfect combination for a pooja room. ‘Om’ embossed walls also serve as a beautiful backdrop option. The designers here have used wallpaper in a traditional design as a stunning backdrop.

Decorate the floor

When it comes to designing a pooja room, decorating the floor is a common practice. You could either choose to go in for fresh rangoli designs or a better option would be a permanent solution, where you paint a rangoli pattern on the pooja room floor. An urli filled with pretty flowers can also be used to adorn the pooja floor.

Use soft furnishings

Fabrics in various textures and sheens are also great options to liven up the pooja room. Since the pooja room usually has low seating, you can go in for floor cushions in brocade or silk. Curtains and rugs can also be used to adorn the pooja space, depending on the layout.

Divide the space with Jalli framework

Traditional jaali frames added to the entrance of the room and the same design used as a backdrop of the altar can bring out the best in the room. Traditional patterns and designs can never go out of style, especially for this divine space.


Accessorizing the space is also part of the pooja room décor. You can go ahead and decorate the entrance with marigold garlands or torans. Petals or loose flowers can also be strewn around the mandap to make it look elegant and inviting. Diyas, bells, and brass lamps along with antique frames of gods are all amazing options to choose from. You could either choose some of the options or all of them to beautify your pooja room.

These were some ideas that you can use to bring your pooja room to life. You can choose to keep it simple or go for intricate designs that look elegant. No matter what the size of the room is, the space must radiate positive energy.

Hope you enjoyed that quick read. Have fun decorating your divine space, folks!