5 Divine Pooja Unit Design Ideas for Indian Homes

Last updated on November 17th, 2021

Most Indian households have a designated space for offering prayers, and these spaces meant for worship form an integral part of the interiors of a home.

There are many ways to design this much-needed space in your home, based not just on the available space, but also your needs and sensibilities. At Homebliss, we understand the importance of designing the right Pooja unit and bring to you 5 completely different ways to add that divine space to your home.

1. Corner Pooja Unit


Here’s a corner space put to fantastic use with a modern and compact Pooja Unit that inspires awe and divinity in equal measure! What stands out is the simplicity of the space and the stunning elegance with which it has been done.

2. Traditional Pooja unit

Here’s a traditional take on a Pooja Unit with pictures of Gods and Goddesses replacing brass idols. This is a setup more common in the South of India. It has space to keep Pooja essentials in drawers and cabinets and a granite surface to light the lamp on. The hanging brass diyas only add to the divine vibe of the space.

3. An Open Pooja Unit

Here’s a rather modern, open Pooja Unit that promises to blend beautifully with contemporary interiors. It isn’t just a beautiful solution to the increasing space crunch that we are all faced with today but is also best for people who need a space for worship, without wanting to wear their religion on their sleeve. The solution? An understated space full of sublime divinity right in the middle of the living area.

4.  A Store-Bought Pooja Unit

You could also get a Pooja unit from a furniture store. It has the typical looks of a temple and comes with built-in storage. You can find many varieties of these right from ones created out of solid wood to ones designed using engineered wood. They also come in different sizes and colors.

5. A Pooja Room


If you have the luxury of space, then you can create an enclosed room (your apartment might come with one too) to house your deities in. Ideal for people who like to devote time to their prayers peacefully, free from interruptions, and in the privacy of a room.