Zodiac Signs Ranked From Neat Freak To Downright Messy: Where Do You Fit?

Last updated on May 18th, 2022

Whoever said our homes are an extension of who we are, had it spot-on! And we are all unique with our own unique quirks when it comes to our habits and lifestyles. While some of us can’t function unless our world is sorted, a few of us thrive in the chaos around us, all of us with very good reasons for being the way we are.

Let’s find out how you are wired to keep your home, based on your zodiac sign!

1. Virgo

True to your sign, you are a cleanliness freak and like everything around you extremely tidy and absolutely clean. You don’t have a problem with last-minute guests as there’s hardly a time when your home is messy.

2. Taurus

You just can’t rest easy if the space around you is messy. You like to make sure everything around you is spic and span as appearances, both personal and that of your home are important to you and you dislike being judged by anyone. So you take good care of yourself and your home.

3. Capricorn

You hate chaos of any kind and like to be in control of things. Your dedication and hard-work reflect in your work and your organized home, with everything in its place and a place for everything.

4. Scorpio

You keep to yourself and aren’t out to impress anyone. But you like your personal space to be as clean and organized as you keep yourself. A tidy home naturally follows.

5. Cancer

You care about comfort – yours and your visitors’. So, while there’ll be days when you’ll sit and relax despite the clutter around you, you can’t stand the house being messy, lest it seems unwelcoming to your guests.

6. Aries

Your home stays fairly organized for the most part. But you clean it in fits and starts. This means that if you can either clean-up or go out and have some fun, you’d rather choose the latter. But you will find bursts of energy, especially when you are bored, to roll up your sleeves and spring into some deep-cleaning action.

7. Leo

You feel your stunning personality is enough to leave a good impression on others. Why bother with cleaning-up like your life depended on it, then? So, although your home is hardly filthy, a little bit of mess is alright in your opinion, in the greater scheme of things.

8. Aquarius

You don’t feel the need to impress anyone. There’s anyway too much going on inside your head to bother with frivolities. But you do like to clean-up once in a while when you feel it’ll help clear your head.

9. Gemini

Keeping things tidy is just not possible in your world, where there are so many other things crying out for your attention, all the time! Except when you’re hosting a house-party of course. You don’t have a choice then, do you?

10. Libra

You like beauty, yes, but aren’t fastidious about spending a lot of effort into making sure your surroundings remain that way. It’s a whole different story if you’re hosting a party, though, in which case you’ll leave no stone unturned to make sure you shine as a host.

11. Pisces

Relaxation and comfort are the two things that guide you in everything, including your cleaning habits. You don’t mind the chaos around you at all, but rather revel in it. If curling up with a cup of coffee and your favorite book is what you’ve set your heart on doing, the pile of clothes will just have to wait.

12. Sagittarius

You are fiercely independent and value happiness and humor and live your life with a sense of adventure. And since you’re hardly ever at home, you don’t see any point in spending much time cleaning it!

Happy decorating (and organizing!), peeps.