7 Rules That Should Guide Your Home Decor

Last updated on August 26th, 2022

It isn’t easy to plan the décor of your home and strike that delicate balance between functionality and style. And with so many decor trends doing the rounds and social media posting pictures of beautifully done-up homes, it becomes tough to settle on a style.

Well, here’s something that might help. Here are 7 basic décor rules that apply to every setting. Get, set, decorate!

1. The Rule of Thirds

A commonly used phrase in photography, ‘the rule of thirds’ applies to interiors as well. It just means that things need to be placed in threes, and kept so that they make a triangle of sorts, to look visually appealing. Try it, it works like a charm, every time!

2. Create Conversation Nooks

Many of us feel that the couch belongs against the wall. But this doesn’t make much décor sense. In fact, it is a major décor no-no, and this arrangement actually makes conversations between people seated, difficult. Keep furniture pieces close to each other and try to create cozy conversation nooks.

3. Layer Your Lighting

Lighting in a room plays a greater role in home décor than we realize. A single source of light, that most of us are used to, only makes a room look two-dimensional and stilted. Layer the lighting in a room, with different light sources at different levels, creating a beautiful play of shadows and light, and lend the room visual interest.

4. Remember The Ceiling

Probably the most ignored space in a setting, the ceiling, can be made to play a significant role. Wallpaper the ceiling in an interesting design and see the place coming alive with character.

5. Decide On A Focal Point

While planning the decor of a room, know the focal point of the space. The focal point is an object or detail in a setting that attracts the eyes first. French windows with a beautiful view, for instance, naturally become the focal point of a space. If your living room lacks one, create it with either your couch or a statement artwork on the wall, for instance, and plan the rest of the decor around it.

6. Add A Personal Touch

Your house must reflect your personality, for it to feel like home.  Sprinkle a little bit of you into a space by displaying things that depict your interests.

7. Put Comfort First

No matter how stunning a setting looks, what makes or breaks it, can be how comfortable it makes you feel. After all, it’s your home we are talking about, not a setting from a showroom or off the pages of a glamorous interior design magazine!

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Happy decorating folks!