8 Things That Should Stay Out Of Your Bedroom

Last updated on May 19th, 2021

Your bedroom should be a place that inspires peace and restfulness. But that’s hardly how things are in reality and a lot of clutter from the other rooms and closets manages to find its way into your bedroom, making sleep in the night-time elusive. So, what should one do to restore peace in their sanctuary?
According to most decluttering experts, these 8 things should stay out of your bedroom, if you plan on sleeping peacefully through the night. Read on to know more.

1. Technology

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Keep all screens out of your bedroom. Screens are known to emit a blue light and EMFs and should be strictly kept outside of the bedroom in a work or media zone. The only technology that you are probably allowed to use in the bedroom may be some soothing music that helps you go to sleep.
If you must use a phone or a tablet in the bedroom at night, make sure you keep it in the night light setting and establish a ‘strictly no cellphones an hour before bedtime’ rule.

2. Bold Feature Walls

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Interior designers recommend that bold and vibrant colors like red, orange or hot pink and feature walls (which are anyway outdated!) be kept away from the bedroom. It’s better to paint or wallpaper the entire room in the same shade to make it appear more relaxing and soothing on the eyes to help you unwind and sleep better.

3. Bills And Other Paperwork

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To keep your personal sanctuary untouched by the worries of the outside world, keep a separate desk outside the bedroom where you can handle work, bills and other paperwork that needs to be dealt with. The idea is to keep the area calm and clutter-free with no reminders of the unpaid bills or things that need your attention the next day.

4. Your Beloved Pets

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You might love them to bits, but it isn’t a great idea to share your bed with them, as people who sleep with their fur babies, are reported to sleep less soundly and wake up at least once because of the nightly activities of their furry companions who happen to be extremely light sleepers. Give them their own room to sleep in and it’s a win-win for everyone!

5. Oversized Furniture

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Don’t choose furniture in the bedroom that is too big and begins to make the space feel cluttered or cramped. Another thing that’ll make the room look smaller and less spacious are way too many accessories or too many patterns getting too busy for the eyes to handle. It becomes tough to relax in a space with so much clutter. One signature piece among other neutrals everywhere else will create the right setting for the space to feel light, open and relaxing.

6. Piles Of Clothes

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If you start for work early, it’s better to keep your outfit and accessories laid out to avoid having to rush in the morning. But that in no way means clothes hanging down the side of the bed or on the chair. Put what you don’t need back in the closet and the dirty ones in the laundry and keep the space free from a mountain of unnecessary clothes.

7. Blue And White Lights

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Blue and white lights can impact our circadian rhythms in different ways and mess them up sometimes. Science also has it that an exposure to cool, blue or white light suppresses the production of melatonin (a chemical responsible for inducing sleep) in our body. This keeps us awake and alert. This is the reason why offices, gyms and operating rooms have bright white lights. On the other hand, yellowish lights increase the melatonin production in the body and help us relax, which is why they are used in living rooms, bedrooms, bars and hotels. Ensure that your bedroom has only yellow light and restrict your exposure to white lights after late evenings to ensure you are able to get adequate sleep.

8. Clutter On The Bedside-table

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First it is just a hairband, or an empty glass, and before you know it, your entire bedside table becomes a cluttered mess of discarded and unwanted things. Take a hard stand and clear the bedside table on a daily basis, leaving only the bare essentials. Keeping only what you need at hand will ensure an uncluttered table and an equally uncluttered mind resulting in blissful slumber!