7 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas That Are Crazy-Good

Last updated on October 13th, 2021

Did you know that a good and clever decor pick for a small space can trick your mind into thinking that the room is bigger than it is?

From selecting your main furniture piece to picking unique elements for your decor, everything you purchase is an addition to your home interior styling. Check out these trendy bedroom decorating ideas that are crazy-good!

1. Go out-of-the-box with the functional element

Let’s start with a must-have! What is a bedroom without a bed, right? A bed is the highest focal point in any bedroom, which will make or break the overall feel of the space. While we may love traditional or sleek designs for a bed, what would you say to resting in a swanky swing bed or by bringing in some Bohemian style into your bedroom with a round canopy bed?

We’ve got you thinking there, haven’t we?

2. Set the mood with a neon sign

Transform your bedroom into a “Pinterest-vibey” room with customized neon signs. Neon signs are those shiny, bright, and glittery letters you see in cafés, highways, and roadsides. They are extremely trendy and can make the perfect accessory for your bedroom. You can do up your favorite quote, hang your favorite slang or, make a name tag in neon – whatever appeals to your inner being!

3. Use these magical elements!

You may have heard of people using lighter paints in their rooms to make them visually larger than their original size. But, ever heard of doubling up your space with the use of reflective decor products? A big mirror can reflect light and give the impression of depth and height. Incorporate mirrors in your room – lean them against a wall, hang them, or use them on your wardrobe doors. Just let them work their magic and see the difference they make!

4. Choose your favorite investment piece

Too many items in the house call for more maintenance and can easily create a cluttered environment. One statement piece is easy to pick, maintain and has a stand-alone charm.
A smart choice would be to invest in fewer artifacts or a set of style statements setting a neater environment. Try your luck with a floor lamp, statement furniture pieces, wall plates of your choice, or even an elegant wallpaper.

5. Bring the outdoors in

Plants are that creative & stylish decor element that can lend unparalleled drama and elegance to your bedroom. With high aesthetic character, plants are also able to improve indoor air quality. Lavender, Peace Lily, Moth Orchid, Snake plant, Rubber Plant, Gardenia Jasminoides, Money plant, Aloe Vera, Areca Palm, are a few popular plants you can use in your bedroom as statement pieces.

6. Add a little bit of quirky you

Decorating with fairy lights is one of the secret ingredients that many small bedroom designers swear by. For an adult space, you can DIY your picture gallery using fairy string lights and the best images of your life, while for a kid’s bedroom, a touch of handmade drawings and motivational quotes would work really well.

7. Put the Golden rule of 3s to use

Ever found famous interior designers posting images of their projects with three colors in the room, three fabrics used together, or three beautiful… you get our drift! Well! Arranging new decor pieces in your bedroom might seem like a mammoth task. But not when you use the rule of 3s! The rule of three says to group decor pieces in 3s to create a more appealing, memorable, and effective visual. For instance, you can see that your 3 planters placed together, or artwork arranged in 3s, or even candles by the bedside in 3s, look a whole lot better than they would in even-numbered groupings.

We hope these bedroom decorating ideas will brighten up your bedroom!

Try them out and send us a picture (or 3!) of your decorated bedroom space.