How Do Some People Have A Kitchen That’s Always Clean? See How You Can Do It Too!

Last updated on February 3rd, 2022

Kitchens are at the heart of every household because we all love food. This certainly makes kitchen design and maintenance an integral part of our daily lives. Especially in India, where we use a lot of oils and spices to cook, cleaning after meal-preps is a major task.

What’s more, the millennial generation is repurposing kitchens as an extension of the living room. Thus, it has become even more critical to keep our kitchens clean all the time! So, if you are someone like us who obsesses after a mess-free kitchen, then here are some ideas to your rescue.

1. Allocate space for everything

This activity should begin right at the planning stage when you are discussing kitchen layouts with the designer. Firstly, have a design that provides for good circulation, space, and has no overlapping of functions.

Every activity such as cleaning, chopping, and cooking should have a dedicated space in the kitchen. Secondly, make room for every utensil and crockery that you need in the kitchen.

2. Steer clear of countertop-clutter

We all love to stack our oft-used “dabbas” on the kitchen platform. However, it might make work difficult for us. The primary function of a platform is to lend you space for work and not for storage. So, keep the platform clutter-free. Instead, find room and organize all utensils and boxes in shelves and cabinets.

If you have a small kitchen, you can still make use of the corners and clever stacking methods to achieve a clean look. Invest in kitchen organization. Invest in products that can help your cabinets and shelves stay organized by providing a section for everything.

3. Manage waste and its disposal

Kitchen waste such as vegetable and fruit peels, dairy packets need to be disposed of differently. Therefore, do not use the same dustbin for the kitchen as well as for your home. Begin with segregating both wet and dry waste and have two dustbins in your kitchen. Always get a covered dustbin if you do not wish to compromise on aesthetics and hygiene. It is vital to invest in closed bins to make sure the space smells fresh.

4. Do away with useless things

We understand that every spoon and fork has an emotional value, but what’s the use of one that is broken? Do not stock things that are of no use, including broken utensils, expired products, non-functional electronics, etc. The more you remove useless items, the more room you will have to accommodate other things. And, the kitchen is always a room that falls short of storage.

5. Avoid piling up the dishes

Cleaning the dishes is a tedious yet significant task. It can get monotonous, but you can’t ignore the beauty of a utensil-free sink. The primary reason for not piling utensils is to maintain hygiene. Dirty dishes are the breeding ground for flies and cockroaches. Thus, make sure that your sink is not overflowing with utensils. You can do the dishes in batches or assign the task to multiple people in the house to accomplish this.

A clean kitchen not only looks good, but it is also a mark of good health. After all, the kitchen is a space for great food and great conversations, deserving all your love and attention. If you liked this read, here are a couple more we think you’ll enjoy: Here’s what’s trending in kitchen design today; Give your kitchen a makeover on a budget.

Do give us a holler, if you found any of these ideas worth giving a shot to, in your kitchen!

Happy cleaning, everyone!