Want Your Home To Be Organized? Start By Throwing Away These 7 Items!

Last updated on March 27th, 2023

As homeowners, you might be trying to improve your home environment by adding the latest and best products to your home. While this is good practice, often, the older products go unnoticed and keep on heaping up in closets, storage and basements. This can create unnecessary clutter in your home, making it more difficult to manage.

If you want to be more organised, start by getting rid of these 7 items:

1. Hangers for Your Clothes

Get rid of the extra wire hangers in your closet. They are more difficult to maintain and organise, therefore they make your closet look messier. When not utilised properly, they can rip or stretch out your clothes.

To make your wardrobe look more organised and to extend the life of your favourite sweaters, blouses, and trousers, look for hangers and organisers made specifically for the items you wish to store.

2. Mismatched Food Containers

It takes longer to tidy up a kitchen if it is filled with mismatched pieces of food containers. Random lids don’t fit your extra containers properly and you can’t put away your leftovers. These excessive pieces also clutter up your cabinets. Lay out all your containers and lids on the kitchen counter.

Match them up into sets. Throw away or recycle all the singular pieces left, to declutter your wardrobe.

3. Ancient Electronic Items

We tend to hoard old electronic items because of their initial cost and their sentimental value. However. technology quickly makes these older items obsolete. You are left with unnecessary clutter in your storage. Older electronics are heavier and bulkier, to begin with.

They also come with multiple cords and cables that need to be managed along with these items. Do yourself a favour and donate all the ancient electronic items that are no longer useful.

4. Broken Gadgets and Devices

You might be stacking up broken appliances in your storage, meaning to get them repaired sometime in the future. However, this pile only becomes larger with time. Broken gadgets and devices are often an eyesore and only add to the visual clutter in the house.

Broken appliances may also leak harmful chemicals if not stored properly. Declutter all these broken and old devices and give your home a much-needed refresh.

5. Extra Mugs, Bottles and Cups

Mugs, cups and water bottles are two things that appear to quietly amass over time. Even while your collection could be interesting and eclectic, if it is creating extra clutter, it is time to sort through it and reduce it.

Kitchens are undoubtedly among the most challenging rooms in the house to organise, and for many people, bottles and mugs just serve to increase the dysfunction and disarray. Keep only the ones you know you love and toss the rest.

6. Expired Beauty and Cosmetic Products

Each time you try out a new skincare or beauty product, you might be unknowingly adding to the clutter in your bathroom cabinet. These products are smaller in size and can often go unnoticed until they turn into a big messy pile. You might even be using expired products without knowing, which can be dangerous for your health.

Sort out through the pile and toss out anything and everything that’s passed its expiration date. Divide the rest of the products into categories according to their use. Organise them neatly in your cabinets for future use. Make sure you repeat this cycle every 6 months to make sure you don’t use expired creams and lotions.

7. Old Linen and Towels

Every few years, you should throw away old linen and towels. It is best practice to replace them at the two-year mark because they begin to lose their absorption capacity over time. These can be partially upcycled by using old sheets and towels as dusting rags or pet bedding.

However, there are only so many used bath linens and top sheets that are worthwhile to keep, so getting rid of them is a worthwhile effort.

These seven things are a great place to begin. You can do a deeper cleanout by decluttering more areas in your home. Tackle one room at a time for the best results. Keep your home more organised by following the tips mentioned in this article. Love such tips and hacks? There are a lot more on the Homebliss blog, check them out!