These 3 Things Are Making Your Bathroom Look Dirty!

Last updated on December 17th, 2021

It’s the most frequently used space in the house and thanks to what goes on inside it, is also often the dirtiest!  And even if we’re one of those cleanliness freaks who always keep a tidy bathroom, there are some things that we sometimes overlook, and they make the bathroom look dirty, when in fact it isn’t!

Read on to see if you’ve been overlooking these 3 things?

1. Gross-looking grout

If your bathroom has tiles (which in all likelihood it does) it most certainly has grouting. And where there’s grouting and moisture, there’s dirt! And that’s not all, what you see isn’t just dirt, but trillions of tiny organisms that dwell inside it. And there’s nothing that can take the pleasure out of a nice, clean shower, like unsightly grouting, lining the walls of your bathroom.

But getting rid of it isn’t difficult. Just mix some water, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide in a bottle and scrub the dirt off the grouting with the solution and a good scrubber.

2. An unclean bathtub

Bathtubs make excellent breeding grounds for mold and many kinds of bacteria. A bathtub that doesn’t get a regular scrubbing isn’t just a health hazard waiting to rear its ugly head, but can also leave your bathroom looking unkempt and dirty. Fortunately, keeping it up to sniff, isn’t very difficult.

If you have a porcelain tub, mix some dishwashing liquid, ammonia, lemon oil, baking soda, table salt, and some lime juice, and give your tub a good scrubbing with this mixture. It’ll not just disinfect it, but leave it sparklingly clean without much effort. But if you have an acrylic or enamel tub, steer clear of acidic cleaners and buy a suitable cleaner for the job.

3.  Dull and dingy faucets

Although new and shiny at first, bathroom faucets are the first ones to pick up dirt and deposits from constant use. And even if the rest of your bathroom is clean, dull-looking faucets can leave a bathroom looking far from nice. You can use store-bought cleaners to have a go at them or mix vinegar, some Epsom salt, and dishwashing liquid, and DIY an effective cleaner to do the job for you.

Here’s to long showers in truly refreshing bathrooms! Happy decorating, folks!