Bathroom Organization Blunders: 5 Common Mistakes You Need To Flush Away

Last updated on August 30th, 2023

Rummaging through a hoard of beauty aids can be frustrating when there are deadlines to be met. And while the set of hair care products looks spiffy on your bathroom counter, they have no business being there if they are not used regularly.

So, what’s one to do? In a gist, let the stuff you use every day rule the roost on your countertop. Shove the rest into your vanity drawer for when you need it. But, let’s not jump the gun. Let’s examine the common slip-ups we make and how to rectify them.

Slip-up 1: You like to categorize products

It sounds like simple arithmetic. Club the hair products in one cubby hole or basket. And let the foundation creams mingle with the concealers. But it isn’t that simple on hectic mornings when you can’t lay your hands on your favorite lipstick.

The solution

  • Your needs take precedence over your categories. So, keep your daily essentials within reach.

  • Identify the stuff that you don’t use regularly and store them in your vanity drawer or shelving unit.

Slip-up 2: You store everything in the bathroom

Clicking on the “buy now” button is easy. Finding space for your magical beauty products is another matter altogether. And frankly, your hoard of beauty products is not doing your bathroom a favor. With the products shoving for space, your favorite face wash can’t find a toe hold on the shelf.

The solution

  • Keep your not-in-regular-use products outside the bathroom, in your storage cupboards or your dresser. Ideally, make a separate space for these products to make them easily accessible. A little hamper in your wardrobe will work too.

Slip-up 3: You opt for appearance over functionality

Admittedly, storage boxes are very appealing and hard to resist. However, just because they are cute isn’t reason enough to buy them if they don’t serve a purpose. Adding scented candles, pine cones, or fancy jars of cotton balls causes a space crunch. While aesthetics matter, functionality trumps any day.

The solution

  • Invest in a trolley to take care of your beauty products if your counter space is too small.

  • Floating shelves are ideal to house your products.

  • You can add your basket of rolled towels and your plant after you have taken care of the important stuff.

Slip-up 4: Making the wrong container choices

With the market flooded with a variety of gorgeous storage boxes, you would not be faulted for buying more than you need. However, if your boxes are the wrong size, they may be too small to handle the overflowing jars and tubes. Or the large container will hog a lot of space on the counter, especially when you have only a few jars to store. Whichever way you look at it, it’s disastrous.

The solution

  • Get a fair estimate of the products and the space they will need. Decide on the place on your shelf or counter where you will be placing them. To get it just right, measure the area you have at hand before you buy your containers.

  • While wickerwork baskets are gorgeous, you may want to consider transparent plastic containers to save you the bother of hunting for a product.

  • Use stackable containers in your vertical shelves to save space.

Slip-up 5: One size doesn’t fit all

Home décor websites make organizing perfect storage sound easy. However, your needs are unique. You may need to have your styling tongs handy for your mop of curly hair. If your styling tongs are plugged into your bedroom dresser socket, it doesn’t make sense to make allowance for them in your bathroom vanity.

The solution

  • No matter how unconventional, do what makes your life comfortable. If you like to touch up your hair before you leave the house, go ahead and keep a hairbrush on your console table.

Our thoughts

Organizing your bathroom or home storage gets easier when you play by your rules and decide what goes where. It’s about finding solutions to your unique problems and not aping something you saw on a website or in a friend’s house. For more interesting storage hacks, you know where to look,! We have your back.