11 Stunning Colors To Try In Your Interiors Right Away

Last updated on December 30th, 2020

Times change. And so do the colors that homes sport on their walls and interiors.

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Every year some color trends seem to dominate the scene. But there some timeless shades that continue to make an appearance despite changing trends.  Here are 11 of those stunning hues, that are just dying to adorn your interiors!

1. Blue

Blues are anchoring colors...and give us reason to calm down a bit.

2. Rustic Red

Flame is an orange-red

3. Green

Greenery is an apple or grass-toned colour

4. Hazelnut Brown


5. Hot Pink

Island Paradise desk with Pink Yarrow curtains.

6. Lapis Blue

Lapis Blue

7. Niagara Blue

Niagara is another calming blue is the perfect colour for the bedroom.

8.Pink Yarrow

9. Primrose Yellow

Primrose yellow

10. Rose Quartz

11. Velvet Paint

velvet-look paint