Get Organized: 6 Unique Ways to Store Spices

Last updated on February 11th, 2022

A few things about spice jars we all would agree with. Every kitchen needs them. They tend to occupy quite a bit of storage space. No matter how organized you try to keep them, they always end up getting mixed- up. And last, but not least, you almost always spend precious time hunting for that one spice you need, with your almost-ready sauce threatening to burn to a cinder on the stove! How about we do ourselves a favor and try these nifty ideas to store those spices so that they stay right where we need them, are always within easy reach, and continue to be organized even after weeks of use?

1. Try storing your spices in test tubes (available online) for a millennial take on spice jars!

Source: deandeluca

2. Or invest in magnetic spice jars (easily available online) and stick them in neat rows on the side of your refrigerator. Not only do you free-up shelf space in your kitchen cabinets but have a nice-looking display of spices adding to your kitchen décor!

Source: Pinterest

3. You could think of storing your spices in mason jars and have your carpenter put together a shelf with repurposed wood to give a truly vintage look to your kitchen shelf space!

Source: decorfacil

4. Here’s an interesting twist to your good old-fashioned spice jars – tick-tack boxes! Up the ante on your storage game with these unique and easy-to-use spice jars and see a number of conversations these start in your kitchen!

Source: tescoliving

5. You could also use the plentiful-yet-unused space behind your cabinet shutters to have these nifty shelves created for all your spice jars, and have them all within easy reach, occupying no additional shelf space in your kitchen and super-organized at all times!


6. Or you could use this quirky trick to store all your spices in a truly unique fashion. All you need are a few mason jars, some hooks, and metal wires.  And of course, a little help from your local handyman!

Source: Apartment Therapy

Have fun doing up your space, folks!