15 Surprisingly Unusual Uses Of A Bar Of Soap

Last updated on May 18th, 2021

If you think that a bar of soap can be put to just the one use that it is primarily meant for, we’re about to prove you wrong!

Bar Of Soap

Here are 15 other amazing uses that a humble bar of soap can be put to which will have you stocking up on your supply of soap at home.

1. Soap for Removing Wallpaper

Courtesy: idealhome.co.uk

If you’re bored of the same old wallpaper and want to replace it, removing it can be quite a task! Unless of course, you have a bar of soap at hand! Just use it to mix up a solution of soapy water and spritz some onto your wallpaper. You’ll see it getting easily peeled off in no time.

2. To Fix Stuck Drawers And Sliding Doors

Courtesy: westelm.au

Take a bar of soap and rub it on the edges of sticky drawers and door tracks and see them sliding easily.

3. To Get Instant Relief From Bug Bites

Courtesy: mensjournal

For instant relief from painful scratching after you’ve been bit, just dampen a bar of soap and apply it on the bites.

4. To Keep Drawers, Closets And Suitcases Smelling Fresh

Courtesy: lovinsoap

Just wrap soap bars in a soft cloth and tuck them away inside drawers, closets and your suitcases to have them smelling fresh.

5. To Stop Glasses From Fogging Up

Courtesy: kiplinger

Just wipe some amount of soap onto the lenses of your glasses and buff it off with some kitchen roll, and you’ll have clear glasses, no matter what the weather outside looks like!

6. To Deodorize Smelly Shoes

Courtesy: huffingtonpost

Wrap a bar of soap and place it inside your smelly shoes and leave it inside overnight to find your shoes sans the bad smell the next morning, smelling all nice and fresh!

7. To Hide Those Hideous Nail Holes

Courtesy: diy.stackexchange

If you’ve just moved pictures around on your walls and have a few unsightly holes left behind by nails, just find a bar of soap that matches your wall color and rub it over the hole to fill it up.

8. A Homemade Mosquito Repellant

Courtesy: cleaneatingmag

Spritzing soapy water on your skin can be a great mosquito repellant to use during summertime.

9. To Help Prevent Paint Splatters

Courtesy: HGTV

While painting window trims or mirror frames, just rub a bar of soap onto the glass. It makes the paint easy to remove off the glass and is a lot easier than using masking tape.

10. To Help Make Sewing Easier

Courtesy: creativenotions.co.za

When sewing tougher fabrics, just rub the end of the needle over a dry bar of soap. The lubricated needle will make sewing a whole lot easier.

11. To Loosen Jammed Locks

Courtesy: locksmithdubai.org

To unlock a stiff lock, rub the key over a dry bar of soap and insert it into the lock and operate it a few times. You will find that the lock will become a lot easier to use.

12. To Protect Your Fingernails

Courtesy: heitonbuckley.ie

A great way to prevent dirt from getting under your nails when you’re out gardening, is to scrape your nails over a bar of soap so that they collect small slivers of soap underneath them. You will find cleaning your hands a whole lot easier once you’re finished.

13. To Safeguard Furniture From Pets

Courtesy: forbes

Coating the legs and edges of wooden furniture with a bar of soap will discourage your chewing puppies or rabbits from trying their luck on them.

14. A Homemade Insecticide

Courtesy: organicveganearth

If you want to prevent bugs from eating your plants, just make some sudsy soap water and spray it on the underside of the leaves.

15. To Spot Leakage by using Soap

Courtesy: toysplash

If you suspect that your kiddie pool has a leak, just rub a damp bar of soap over the suspicious areas. You’ll find a bubble when the air starts to escape from the leak. This trick also works well with gas line leaks.