BedroomWise: Colour Combinations To Use With Orange

Last updated on June 8th, 2022

Orange is not the color that immediately comes to mind when you are thinking of bedroom decor. However, that flaming, vibrant color has a lot of pizzazz and can turn your bedroom decor into a class act. 

Like any other color on the spectrum, orange has its nuances. It can have a deep brownish tint or tones of white in it. Orange’s two-color combination for bedroom walls works well with a variety of shades. If used right, this shade will add vibrancy to your orange bedroom without disturbing its tranquillity.

Want to know about the combinations that work with orange? Let’s check them out!

A Touch Of Virginal White With Orange

Orange and white are a perennial favorite. For bedroom decor, they can give amazing results when paired right. You can go for white furniture and walls and let the orange shade play a supporting role as an accent color on the bed linen or the chair upholstery.

Or you can let the orange color take the lead on the accent wall. A blend of beige, brown, and cream will complete this amazing look.

Does Grey Work With Orange?

Orange and grey shades working in harmony can give your room an elegant look. Grey can dominate on your walls and flooring, and orange can take a back seat as an accent color. 

Wood furniture shades work well with this color scheme. Shades of grey and white played out in stripes, prints, or plain colors, balance this act perfectly.

Brown Is A Perfect Match For Orange

Brown is an earthy shade, and so is orange. Orange Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls is perfect with shades of brown. Together, they can bring the colors of autumn into your bedroom. You can introduce other earthy shades such as beige or moss green into the mix. Subduing the sharp tint of orange into a sophisticated dark peach will amp the look.

Orange And Green Work Too

The best thing about colors is that you can get a variety of tints by adding white or black to the basic color. This works like a charm when you have a green and orange combination. A pastel green shade with peachy orange is sophistication personified. 

For a vibrant look, you can pair lime green with your orange wall color combination. Emerald green and peachy orange are the perfect choices if you are looking for understated elegance.

Black And Orange: The Wow Factor

Black is trending. And for dramatic impact, you can’t beat this color. You can be daring and paint your accent wall in black. Orange can be used on the bed linen and throw cushions to accentuate the starkness of the black. A white undersheet will help bring out the colors.

Lighting is important for this amazing decor. You can opt for spots on the ceiling and a funky floor lamp for added effect.

Go Seductive With Pink And Orange

It’s feminine, and it’s gorgeous. The combination of pink and orange is vibrant and youthful, a perfect color scheme for teens and young women. A splash of orange on the walls will bring the right vibe to this glamorous decor.

You can paint your doors and window frames white, as you don’t want to taint this glorious combination with wood tones. As for the pink, you can go wild with prints, stripes, and crazy patterns. 

Sunny Shades Of Orange And Yellow

Orange and yellow are the colors of summer and are sure to bring life into your bedroom. A toned-down yellow on the walls with orange accents on the bed is one way to go. Or you can let a sharp yellow do the talking and use orange as an accent color for your walls.

For added effect? Add baskets and plants to elevate the summer theme. 

Final Words

The exuberance of this wonderful color is a joy to behold. If working out the right combination is overwhelming, you can check out Homebliss. They always have a few tricks up their sleeve!