How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

Last updated on February 19th, 2022

A small bedroom’s key functionality is to provide you space for sleeping, keeping your clothes, and other belongings. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot decorate a small bedroom, while it serves its basic purpose. Since we spend a significant amount of time in the bedroom relaxing, it ought to be pleasant and comfortable.

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Decorating a small bedroom is not easy. Having a small space is limiting. There’s only so much it’ll allow you to do.  However, with the right decor ideas, you can transform your snug bedroom into a snazzy one!

Check out these 6 creative ways to decorate a small bedroom.

1. Assess the room at hand

Small Bedroom Decor Ideas

Before plunging into decorating, take a good look at the empty room, its dimensions, windows, door placement, lighting, etc. Once done, think about how much furniture you want and can place in the space, without it getting too cluttered. And keep your creative-thinking hat on!

2. Choose the right furniture

Wrought iron bed for small bedroom

You’ll need to make sure that the furniture you decide to get for the room isn’t chunky or overwhelming. Choose furniture that appears light, – furniture with legs has a way of doing that. Also, remember that along with the floor space, you can also make use of vertical space with floating shelves and racks. Let your creative juices flow!

3. Think multi-purpose

Double duty furniture for small bedroom

When selecting furniture for a small bedroom, always think double-duty. Think storage-enabled beds, chests that can double-up as benches at the foot of the bed – you get our drift. You could also think of nesting tables and foldable furniture. 

4. Now, for the decor

 Decorating a Small Bedroom

Having decided on and placed the furniture, you can then think of the accessories and bedding you’ll need for your bedroom. Make use of lighter colors rather than bold ones to keep the room light. You can create a vignette or two on the tables, to lend character to the space and add wall art to spice up the decor of the bedroom. If you are planning on using larger art pieces, ensure that the frame is slender as big wall art with a bold frame will only make the room appear cramped.

5. Colors to use

Colors for Small Bedrooms

Be it a monochromatic or a cheerful color palette, repetition of colors is key to decorating a small bedroom. This way, you will not only make the room appear big but also keep a sense of balance in the room. In case you want to introduce a furniture piece that is not a part of the existing color scheme, use the same color elsewhere in small doses.

6. Go big on textures!

Texture to use

While overly bold patterns and huge furniture pieces can cramp up your already small bedroom, adding coarse and woven textures to it can give it the character it needs. Befriend sisal rugs, rattan baskets, and plenty of plants!  If you like some bling, you can think of adding metallic accents too!

Happy decorating folks!