How to Infuse Color Into Your Decor Without Using Paint

As a tenant, you often end up living with whatever spaces you’re given, and more often than not they’re either insipid or neutral or both. And since you don’t have the liberty to paint them the way you want, you find yourself struggling to brighten up the place. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you’re in luck ‘coz we have for you, 9 ways to get creative and color your interiors in cheerful hues, without using a drop of paint! Scroll down to learn more!

1. Whoever said colors need to come from the walls? Use colorful fabrics and linen to introduce layers of colors and textures in your rooms.

2.  Try patterned upholstery! It can lend both drama and color to your décor, not to mention, make for an excellent conversation starter!

3.  A bright and colorful rug can add an appeal to the dullest of rooms. Don’t believe us? Try it out yourself!

4. Treat your windows with bright curtains to introduce color and freshness into your room. The right window treatment can cheer-up the dullest of spaces.

5.  Color your indoors green with plants! Don’t worry about the shapes and sizes of the planters you use. Just use what appeals to you. The more, the better. And the best part? You don’t have to part with them when you’re ready to leave!

6. How about a brightly colored glass partition to jazz things up a bit?

7.  Make use of brightly hued wall hangings and tapestry to cheer up colorless, dull walls.

8. Show your love of color with colorful furniture. Remember, furniture doesn’t always have to be neutral. So, go ahead, take some chances!

9. Invest in some colorful wall art! No paint and your décor is as colorful as you want it to be!