13 Home Decor Ideas Worth Trying This Season

Last updated on June 11th, 2019

Every year there are new trends regarding home decor that go viral. But there are a few trends that tend to stay way beyond our expectations and appear and reappear in the décor scene. Here are 15 of those trends that you can never go wrong with! Read on and you’ll see what we mean.

1. A Vintage Side-Table

2. Hang Things In Style.

3. A Cozy Nook Under The Stairs

4. Drawers Under The Bathroom Sink

5. Seating-Cum-Storage

6. A Linen Closet In The Bathroom!

7. A Slice Of Greenery Inside

8. Vertical Floating Shelves In The Bar

9. Experiments With Chalkboard Paint

10. Warm Tones On The Walls

11. Round Mirrors That Never Go Out-Of-Style

12. A Faux Finish, But With Real Class

13. Think Pink