How Good Is The Color Green As Per Feng Shui

Last updated on July 27th, 2022

Green is cool; green is refreshing. Green symbolizes abundance, growth, expansion, hope, and new beginnings. Adding elements of green to your home can be soothing for your eyes and mind, as it is the color of nature. Let’s look at the simple ways to include hues of green in your home.

Before we start, let’s understand the concept of Bagua in Feng Shui and in what areas we need to incorporate green colors.

Bagua in Chinese is an octagonal map depicting eight crucial aspects of life. These are:

Zhen, which represents family and new beginnings

Xun, which is for wealth and abundance

Dui, which is for children and completion

Qian, which is for helpful people and travel

Gen: which is for knowledge and self-cultivation

Li, which is for fame and reputation

Kan, which represents career and path in life

Kun, which means love and partnerships

Zhen is the section where we need to include more hues of green, as per Feng Shui. So let’s now look at activating this ‘gua’ in our homes. A tiny succulent, a green flower vase, painting your walls mint, a pistachio couch, or a green side table lamp; there are endless ways to bring in the freshness of green in your home. The east and southeast corners are ruled by the color green, and this is where you should maximize its use.

Bring your Corners Alive with a Spurt of Green

Place an indoor plant inside your room or near a window. This adds an edge to your interiors and helps in purifying the air. Keeping an indoor plant means activating green and the wood element, which, as per Feng Shui, is a powerful combination and pours energy into your growth.

Green is a lucky color for money, so try to include bamboo, jade plants, or money plants in your space. If your bathroom is in the east or southeast direction, this practice works wonders for your growth. A green showpiece or a centerpiece can help you strike a balance in the family and add panache to your room’s decor.

Add a Splash of Green to your Soft Furnishings

For the bedroom in the east or southeast direction, include a hue of green in your palette. You can choose a pastel shade of green and white walls or hang darker tones of green curtains. Match your bedsheets with the decor of your room or place a green couch in your bedroom, and voila, you have a picture-perfect bedroom ready!

The living room is where your family spends most of the time together. Look for ways to include greens in this area for enhanced harmony in the family.

Painting the Kitchen Green

What could be the best place to add shades of green other than your kitchen! Growing your greens inside the kitchen can be a fun activity with many benefits. You eat organic; you save on a lot of money; gardening can be peaceful; and most importantly, it activates green in a favorable direction.

If you do not have ample space to grow a mini herb garden of your own, try painting your east or southeast walls with shades of green. You can also look for green tiles for your kitchen.

Apart from painting your home in shades of green, you can always add this color of nature to your wardrobe. Wearing greens play a larger role in human psychology. If you are feeling less energetic and need some boost, pull out a green t-shirt and pair them with a comfortable pair of trousers. Or just adding some green accessories to your attire would help you feel enthusiastic. Looking for more ways to decorate your home with Feng Shui? Your stop is here.