Scared To Use Red In The Bedroom? Here Are 10 Ravishing Ways To Rock It!

Last updated on February 4th, 2022

The color of passion and love—red—has long been a favorite choice when it comes to picking out something fun to wear for the holidays. Many are wary about using red in their bedrooms when it comes to home decor because they think it’s overly stimulating, even though it’s often seen as an exciting pop of color.

But what if we told you how easy it is to go with red? It turns out that it’s actually no big feat to pick out something sizzling when you simply want to brighten up a drab room or add some color into your otherwise neutral bedroom! Adding just one touch of this beautiful hue can help your bedroom come alive in the best way possible.
So, what are you waiting for? Just scroll ahead and take your pick from our curated list of 10 ways to rock red in the bedroom.

1. Paint A Red Feature Wall

Let’s start with the easiest one first. Adding red onto one wall of the bedroom is one of the best ways to incorporate red without worrying about it being too overpowering. For a more rich feature wall, choose a texture or a pattern or even a more rich and dark shade of red while keeping the room’s other decor in a subtle, neutral color. Add enough plants and some mood lighting, and your bedroom will have just enough amount of cheer with its beautiful red wall.

2. Add Some Luxurious Red Curtains

For those who cannot commit to a more permanent choice like painting a wall, another really easy way to add red is by choosing some beautiful red curtains with luxurious motifs and contrasting prints for that pop of red.

Red curtains will not dim out the room like other dark colors but still provide enough shade from those sunny mornings. Red curtains not only look luxurious but can instantly make any dull room look brighter.

3. Hang Artwork In A Fiery Red Color

Fun contemporary artworks in fiery red tones can add a pop of pizzazz to your bedroom whether you have a contemporary space with lots of wood or have settled for a more neutral ambiance. However, with warm neutral tones, an extraordinary artwork in red, whether bright or subtle, can provide the focal point that makes your space truly stand out.

4. Choose Fun Accent Furniture

Adding a fun red chair or a console table in red can give an otherwise basic bedroom a little bit of character. Red accent furniture is something that can never go wrong. It is also a perfect way to incorporate bold colors like red in moderation if going all out red is not your cup of tea.

5. You Can Never Go Wrong With A Brick Wall

An exposed brick wall is like an art piece in itself. It is one way to incorporate that burnt red in your bedroom and add a rustic charm to your space.

We feel that the best decor to go with this brick wall can be industrial; however, brick walls have been used in many modern, mid-century, and even minimalistic decors. The exposed brick in dark hues of red can make your bedroom feel warm and relaxing without making the red too obvious.

6. Add A Nice Red Rug

A rug in your favorite red is the perfect way to incorporate red in your bedroom for that cheer and brightness. Rugs in shades of red can go perfectly well with neutral bedrooms adding a dollop of color, making the room balanced. Make sure to keep the rug large in size for a more put-together look.

7. Opt For Bedding In Different Shades Of Red

The easiest way to add some red in your bedroom is to add a red bed cover or some pretty red cushions in different shades and patterns that complement each other. Incorporate red in a way that compliments not just the room color but other accents in the bedroom. Adding red bedding can make a huge difference to the overall feel of the room, and you must absolutely give this a try to experience that change.

8. A Rich Red Canopy For That Added Luxurious Vibe

Nothing screams luxury like a rich red canopy bed complete with gold details and tassels over the bed. For those who absolutely love the red hues, this canopy bed can be a game-changer for transforming any simple room into a luxurious abode that feels not just comfortable but stunningly luxurious. A pro tip would be to scatter some accents of the same red over the room for bringing it all together.

9. A Red Headboard That Stands Out

Pick red as the color for your headboard or even the entire bed, and see the way it can enhance the overall appeal and passion of the room. Even in a black and grey themed bedroom, a red headboard can add that sophistication that many find difficult to achieve. We suggest going for a tufted headboard for that luxe vibe.

10. A Red Wallpaper That Matches Your Style

If no other ideas seem feasible for your bedroom space, a simple way anyone can add red to their bedrooms is by choosing a wallpaper that goes with your personality. Whether you like tribal patterns or subtle English roses, wallpapers can be found in any shade of red you like with unlimited patterns today. Choose one that you like the best and use it on a wall to add that ravishing red to your bedroom decor.

When it comes to decorating, we all have our favorite colors we would like to see in our bedrooms. We also understand that not everyone is comfortable with all the colors out there. We hope this piece helped you find some unique ways to incorporate red in your bedroom and makes you feel confident about using red in your space.

Whether you are decorating a huge master bedroom or a small bedroom, we believe that any decor style can use a little bit of cheer and passion that the color red offers.

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