9 Green Colored Living Room Inspirations For You

Last updated on June 5th, 2021

The color green is arguably the most soothing and refreshing color to the eyes. Being the color of nature, green represents a harmonious life and bestows freshness to interiors. And what better room to embrace this color with, than the living room. After all, it is the room that you spend quality time with your family, entertain guests and more. When used in the living room, the color green promotes unwinding, all the way making the room comfortable to dwell in.

Green Colored Living Room Decor Ideas

Whether you seek a dramatic forest green or a cheerful lime green, browse through our favorite shades of green to find design inspiration for your living room.

1. Infuse Modern Botanical Green

Green Colored Living Room

Breathe life into your living room by introducing the color green by infusing plants into the decor. In the above picture, the designer took advantage of the white backdrop to introduce an olive green sofa. The plants placed around the room bestow a soothing vibe, adding color pops throughout the room. Additionally, the tropical wall art plays a subdued role in the room, allowing the other decor elements to take center-stage.

2. Colourblock It

Green Living Room

If you are one of those brave hearts, then this one is for you. Color blocking is a great way to create a stunning and satisfying living room. In here, the designer has placed a millennial pink colored couch against the bottle green colored wall to create high contrast. Additionally, the mustard colored accent chair blends well with the decor, creating a blissful and happy vibe.


3. Blend Teal Green and Tobacco

Green Colored Living Room Decor Ideas

The color teal green can be considered universal. It works great both in winter and summer days. During winter it makes the room feel cozy and comfortable, and in the summer days, it provides a light and breezy feel. Make the color work by infusing natural materials like wood and leather.

4. Encapsulate Relaxed Country Style

Green Colored Living Room Decor Ideas

Nothing can beat the charm of a country-style home. In the above picture, the designer has played with a green backdrop and introduced a masculine leather couch. The clever use of the color green and brown in this living room makes the decor timeless.

5. Refresh With Spearmint and Denim

Green Colored Living Room Decor Ideas

Mint green is a refreshing color that works well with denim blue. In this room, the mint green backdrop makes the room appear cool and breezy, whereas the denim blue colored couch makes the room appear relaxed and informal. Additionally, the plant placed in the center table breathes life into the room.

6. Combine Lichen and Limestone

Green Colored Living Room Decor Ideas

Refresh your living room with a soft color scheme of pale green and white. The designer took advantage of the white backdrop to introduce green color pop in the form of potted plants. The wooden and wicker furniture provide the room with an organic touch.

7. Take Cues from the Ocean Blue and Green

Green Colored Living Room Decor Ideas

Mix the color green and blue to stir things up in the living room. This classic combination of blue and green makes the room instantly refreshing and soothing. For instance, the blue colored tufted couch and olive green seat placed against the wall makes for a soothing combination.

8. Cool It With Forest Green

Green Colored Living Room Decor Ideas

Painting the walls with forest green bestows the room with a calming effect. For instance, in the above picture, the light green colored couch blends well with the forest green backdrop, making the room appear light and breezy.

9. Try Deep Green With Copper

Green Colored Living Room Decor Ideas
If you are in the mood for some fun then mix deep green with copper. The copper pieces brighten up the decor, providing a luxurious vibe to the room.