Elevate Your Living Room Decor With Accent Lights

Last updated on July 18th, 2022

Lighting is a design essential when it comes to interiors. The importance of this element in home decor has seen a rise in design professionals who specialise in lighting.

It’s easy to put lighting on the back burner as you focus on essentials such as furniture and wall paint when you are redecorating. You will probably add a few LED tube lights with a chandelier thrown in for good measure for your lighting needs.

But is that enough for your living room? Probably not. Table lamps, pendant lights, and LED strip lights illuminate your room and take your design quotient to the next level. Want to check out your options? Let’s go!

Chandeliers ooze luxury

Chandeliers are a perennial favorite and have been around for centuries. These amazing lighting fixtures speak the language of class and exquisite taste. Crystal chandeliers are a designer favorite, especially in traditional decors.

With evolving trends, the chandelier has taken on many avatars. These living room accent lights can take on a sculpture vibe and become the focal point, or they can be copper or gold lamps strung up at different levels to add uniqueness to the design. Whatever suits your design, these wondrous fittings are the perfect style statement for your living room decor.

Floor lamps

There is nothing quite like the charm of floor lamps to add character to your living room decor. This accent light idea for the living room is a must if you want to add a sophisticated element to your decor. You will find a variety of quirky lamps in the market, each with a unique flavor.

Mood lighting

It’s the versatility of light fittings that makes all the difference in your living room decor. Mood lighting allows you to throw diffused light on chosen areas to create your desired ambiance. You can achieve this with ceiling track lights and spots, fairy lights, or even LED strip lights to add a glow of warmth and charm to your decor.

Wall sconces for living room accent lights

Wall sconces are a handy way to add charm to your decor with minimal fuss. They are great for your console table, on the sides of your TV cabinet, or between your living room windows. You can go traditional with lampshades or crystal fixtures. Or how about funky fixtures that add intrigue to your decor?

TV unit accent light ideas

It all depends on the style and design of your TV unit. Overhead spots are an option when you are considering lighting near TV units. Diffused lighting on your shelves will add an interesting element to your cabinet. Or why not opt for a couple of pendant lights on the side for a unique take on lighting?

LED strip lighting

LED strip lights are an excellent way to change the mood of your living room decor. There are many ways to play this. How about adding snazzy LED strip lights to your false ceiling? Floor LED strip lights are another option for an aura of mysticism. Want to add drama to your room? A combination of vibrant colored lights will do the trick.

Pendant lights add dimension to your decor

Pendant lights are so much more than light fixtures. They add an interesting vibe, giving your decor an extra edge. You can use bold black or metal pendant lights for impact, go for rustic appeal with jute or cane, or play it safe with colored lamps that suit your decor.

Table lamps

Table lamps are an art form. Not only do they throw pools of light on your couch, giving it a romantic vibe, but they also add an interesting twist to your living room decor. There are quite a few standout pieces available in the market. The fun is in the hunt.

Final words

It’s amazing how lighting can transform a dull decor into a vibrant space humming with style and energy. To get it right, you need a bit of creativity. And hey, if you can’t swing it, homebliss.in surely can!