KitchenWise: 7 Ways To Use Your Pantry Space More Efficiently

Last updated on March 3rd, 2022

In case you’re wondering, Pantry is the spanking new name given to the food storage space reserved in kitchens. A well-organized pantry is more than just a visual treat. It makes everything easier for a smooth-running kitchen. You can see your supplies clearly and restock before you run out of something. An orderly pantry space gives you quick access to your supplies. It reduces the time you spend looking for ingredients for a more pleasant experience in the kitchen.

If you’re lucky, and your kitchen is big enough, there may be a small room dedicated to this storage. But no matter what the size of your pantry, it won’t help if everything in it, is all over the place. We have some space-saving ideas and hacks that will help you make the most of your pantry space for a functional and less chaotic kitchen.

1. Deep clean the fridge and pantry

First things first – do a thorough sweep of your kitchen and toss out all expired and stale items from your fridge and cabinets. Not only does this feel therapeutic, but it’s also a good start to keep things in control. Keep doing this at regular intervals to ensure that no expired items take unnecessary space in your pantry.

2. Use that precious real estate!

Make each square foot in your kitchen count, mainly when you have limited space to work with. For example, in a smaller kitchen, take advantage of the vertical wall space and install high and low shelves.

Stock these shelves with seasonal and less frequently used items in canisters and baskets for a neat look. The high shelves are also great for storing your stash of cleaning supplies like tissue paper rolls, dustbin bags, etc.

3. Unbox and decant

Get rid of all packaging and store the ingredients and staples like grains, nuts, flour, etc., in clear glass or plastic containers. Choose stackable airtight containers in different sizes that you can stack for more space.

You can also label them – go the extra mile for the organized pantry of your dreams!

4. Clean those drawers!

Tidy and neatly arranged drawers are essential for using your pantry space efficiently. Invest in cutlery trays and drawer dividers to use every inch of your drawers. From spices to teas and your cooking spoons and spatulas, everything can have a designated space with the help of some god-sent organizers.

5. Hang them all

Mugs and pans are used daily in a kitchen, but they take up too much space and don’t stack well. So what do you do? You hang them!

Install hooks or pot stands under a shelf or in a high cabinet and hang these utensils to clear some space on the shelves.

6. Don’t miss the cabinet shutters

Use the back of your pantry doors to store pot lids, spices, storage bags, and other knick-knacks. Get some door racks and pocket organizers to keep these things in one place. The same goes for kitchen cabinet doors. Use them to store cleaning supplies in one place with floating shelves and over-the-door organizers.

7. Finishing touches!

Add some decorative touches to your space. It can be with the help of wallpaper or paint to brighten up your pantry or kitchen walls. Add light fixtures, artificial flowers in vases, and potted plants to uplift your space and create a fun cooking environment for the whole family.

Always remember, consistency is key! So, even after you have managed to get everything in place, following and maintaining a system will help you keep things in control in your kitchen.
Your dream pantry is waiting for you!