How To Decorate A Living Room On A Shoe-string Budget

Last updated on October 5th, 2020

Great décor isn’t just meant to impress guests with. It also adds a certain goodness to the space that we live in. A vibe that makes the space feel like ours and makes us feel good. And although this does involve tastefully chosen décor elements, it doesn’t always need to translate to spending a great deal of money.

Here are 8 tips to do up your home, do it amazingly well and well within your budget!

1. Give It Your Personality

The first and the most important rule to decorate your living room is to be true to yourself. So, prepare to sprinkle your personality generously into your living space in the form of memorable photographs, wall hangings you might have DIY-ed, maps of your favorite places, your personal collection of curios and souvenirs etc.

2. Use thrift-store finds

When it comes to decorating the living room with affordable options you’ll need to put your thinking hat on. Look for quirky finds from antique stores, get bright cushion covers, mix your curtains with a couple of new, contrasting ones and give the setting a budget makeover.

3. Get Bold

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to upgrade the living room decor is by introducing bold colors. You can do this with colorful throw pillows, a brightly painted furniture piece, or even a strikingly colorful floor lamp.

4. Discover the power of paint

Paint is not only cheaper and transformative, but also an easy way to update a living room. Use it to transform a flea market buy, an old piece of furniture or to paint an accent wall.

5. Invest in carpets

You can easily find affordable area rugs at local decor or handloom shops. Use rugs to define separate areas or activity zones of the room. Expert Tip: Ensure all the furniture pieces sit on the rug.

6. Re-think the setting

Another super-affordable way to upgrade the living room: Reassess the existing furniture layout and get rid of any clutter for a no-cost living room upgrade. You can also ask a friend to get an extra helping hand and to get a fresh pair of eyes for a different perspective.

7. Recycle and Renew

Chop down a table’s legs to turn it into a chic footstool, use a vintage trunk to store living room essentials and provide seating, and a wire basket to hold magazines. Or better yet, take an upholstering or sewing class so you can refresh tired furniture pieces with new upholstery or slipcovers.

8. Spend Strategically

Decorating your living room on a tight budget doesn’t mean that you cannot invest in pricey things. It just means making use of expensive things in controlled yet impactful ways. Investing on a small velvet or leather chair, if you can’t go all out and get a sofa in that material, for instance.