7 Incredible Organizing Hacks with Hooks and Hangers

Last updated on December 31st, 2021

It’s the tiniest things in the house that make the biggest messes. And they also happen to be the most difficult to keep organized. Well, not anymore! Here are 7 easy-as-pie and clever-as-hell hacks that use hooks and hangers and will help you straighten out your most important messes!

1.  Picture this. You’re getting ready for work and obviously in a rush. You’re almost dressed and ready to leave and remember you forgot to put your belt on. And then it begins! A frantic hunt for that ONE belt that would go with what you’re wearing. ‘It was right here, where did it disappear?!’, you exclaim in frustration. Stop hunting for your belts buried under your clothes! Use this simple DIY organizer with 3 self-adhesive hooks and keep them all sorted and in plain sight!

2. With the continuously increasing gadgets in our home, keeping all the wires from becoming an unsightly mess seems to have become quite a chore. Here’s an easy way to keep them organized. Stick a few self-adhesive hooks and loop the cords through them like this. As easy as a,b,c!

3. Keep your magazines organized with the help of clothes hangers like this! Bet you had never thought of this!

4. Keep all your gift-wrapping paper organized by repurposing a lingerie hanger into a paper holder like this!

5. If you love doing crafty things and are DIYing a lot of your time, then you must have tons of ribbons in your craft supplies. Here’s a great way to keep them organized!

6. Keep the inside of your kitchen cabinets organized by installing hooks and use them to hang mugs. This is a great way to increase the storage space available in your shelves!

7. The one thing that almost everyone hunts for just before stepping out are – keys! How about giving them a place of their own (all labelled!), and never having to look for them frantically all over the house?

Have fun decorating your home, folks!