5 Super Easy Summer DIYs For You!

Last updated on June 5th, 2021

Summer days are loaded with activities – and involve planning a vacation, spending time outdoors, and more! And, what better way to celebrate the warm days than indulging in some fun DIYs! In today’s blog, we bring you our top 5 summer DIYs. Check them out.

5 Super Easy Summer DIYs

1. DIY Floating Shelves

DIY Floating Shelf

With our ever-increasing carbon footprint, it is always better to have some soothing indoor plants at home. And what better way to infuse plants in our homes than making floating planter holders. All you need for this one are scissors, a drilling machine, some yarn, and a round wooden plank. Start making this DIY by drilling three holes in the wooden plank. Once done, cut the yarn (about 10.5 feet)and tie a knot at the center (this is going to form the middle of the planter). Divide the yarn into four segments and twist them together. Additionally, you can also braid the sections of yarn. Finish it off by tying a knot at the bottom of the shelf. Use the shelf to keep planters.

2. DIY Cushion Cover

DIY Cushion Cover

What better way to spend summer days than making custom-print cushion covers. For this DIY you will require a white-colored cushion cover, fabric paint (any color of your choice), a potato, a knife, some paint, and an iron. To begin with the process, start by carving out a symbol of your choice (we used the symbol plus) on the potato with the help of the knife. Now, paint the potato and start block printing the cushion cover. Let it dry for 2-3 hours. Once dried, secure the color by ironing the cushion cover.

3. DIY Custom-Printed Mat

 DIY Custom-Printed Mat

Take your summer decor to the next level with a custom-print door mat. For this DIY, you will need a basic door mat, spray paints of your choice, a protective coat, a template of the design, tape, and newspaper. To begin with the DIY, start by securing the template on the mat. Once done, cover any remaining exposed part of the mat with newspaper, so that the paint doesn’t affect the other areas. Now, spray over the stencil and let it dry. Repeat the process till you achieve the desired result. Finish the process by spraying the protective solution over the mat.

4. DIY Striped Vase

DIY Striped Vase

Keep your glasses summer-ready with this DIY! All you need: elastic / rubber bands, spray paint, and a few glasses. To make this DIY: Clean the glasses to ensure there’s no dust on their surface. Once done, place the elastic bands in random intervals. Now, spray paint the outside of the glasses with the choice of your color and let them dry before enjoying refreshing drinks in them!

5. DIY Marbled Planter

DIY Marbled Planter

Give those boring planters a refreshing twist! All you need for this DIY are empty planters, a disposable bin, water, paint brush, a color of your choice, and clear spray paint. To begin with the process: Clean the planter to ensure there’s no dust sticking to it. Now, pour some hot water on the disposable bin and add paint to it. With the help of the paint brush’s end make patterns on the water. Now, dip the pot into the water. You will see, that the paint has formed unique marble-like pattern on the planter. Once dry, seal the paint by spraying a layer of protective solution.