Weekend Project: Two-Step Bottle Art 

Last updated on June 5th, 2021

Have some empty wine bottles lying around the house? Why not turn them into a DIY project! Empty wine bottles are one of the widely used DIY materials, with which, you can make anything and everything! So, in today’s blog, we bring you a super-easy 2-step wine bottle DIY project that you can make over the weekend. 

Check it out.


All You Need:

DIY Bottle Art

An Empty Wine Bottle

Paper Tape/Masking Tape

Spray Paint (we used golden color)

Scissors/Paper Knife


Step 1:

DIY Bottle Art 

To begin with, remove the wine bottle label by soaking it into a warm solution of liquid soap and water. Now, wipe it clean to ensure there’s no dust on the surface of the bottle. Once done, start wrapping the tape on the bottle surface. 

Step 2:

DIY Bottle Art 

Now, start peeling off the tape in small square-patterns with the help of scissors or a crafting knife, creating small square patterns over the bottle. Spray paint the entire bottle, and let it dry. And voila, your DIY bottle art is ready! You can use the same procedure to make different patterns. Use it as a decorative, or simply gift it to someone who loves wine!    

DIY Bottle Art