Super-Easy 2 Step Rain Gutter Planter

Last updated on October 7th, 2019

Rain gutter. Those ubiquitous things that we see almost every day, but don’t really give them much thought. And all we think of them as things purely functional – a system to drain rain water from roofs. But today we are going to show you some really cool uses of these everyday things, and believe us, you’ll never be able to look at them the same way ever again.

Available in various materials like plastic and PVC, rain gutters are an incredible DIY element that can be used in a wide array of projects. So, to help you get started with, we have got the recipe of a super-easy DIY railing planter that will make your balcony into a walk. Check it out:

All You Need:

Courtesy: BHG

A Rain gutter
A few Gutter end caps
A Rubber Mallet
Some Construction adhesive
A Drill
A few Wood screws
Some Potting soil
A few Succulents

Step 1:

Courtesy: BHG

Measure and cut the rain gutter to the desired size and apply the construction adhesive in between the end caps and the gutter to secure them before tapping them safely into place with a rubber mallet. You now have a good-sized rain gutter planter. All you need it to get started with planting the succulents in.

Step 2:

Courtesy: BHG

Now, start drilling along the bottom of the gutter for drainage, leaving a 4-inch gap between holes. Now, holding the gutter in position, mark the mounting points on the balcony railing, and create holes accordingly. Safely secure the gutter to the railing with wooden screws. Once you’re done with this step, mix the potting soil and pumice in 2:1 ratio, and fill your gutter planter with it.

Place the plants carefully in the gutter, into the mixture of soil and pumice and Voila! your DIY railing planter is ready!