Transform Old Plastic Bottles into Cool Organizers!

Last updated on October 15th, 2020

What do you do with an empty bottle of cold drink? Throw it away. Right? What if we tell you that you can use this discarded piece of plastic to keep your home more organized, by repurposing it into a cool organizer in just 3 easy steps! Interested?

Read on, and the next time you are tempted to toss that bottle into the nearest trash can, stop yourself!


  • A Used Plastic Bottle
  • A Sharp Cutter
  • A Pair of Scissors
  • An Iron
  • A Rubber Band
  • A Marker

Step 1:-

Remove the label from the bottle and place a rubber band on the bottle as per the length of the holder that you need. Now, with the help of a marker, mark a circle around the rubber band and once the ink is dry, remove the rubber band.


Step 2:-

Now carefully start cutting the bottle, using the cutter, over the circle you just marked. At this point, don’t worry if you aren’t able to cut it out smoothly and leave sharp edges behind. We will take care of them in the next step.





Step 3:-

It isn’t easy to cut a bottle straight, at one go. Once you cut it roughly, trim the edges of the bottle with a pair of sharp scissors. Once you’re through with this step, heat up an iron.  Make sure the iron is hot enough to melt the plastic a little but not so hot that it ruins the shape of your holder. Rub the edges of the bottle on the iron, taking care not to keep it on the hot surface for long, to smoothen out any uneven edges. And voila! Your very own cute little holder is ready!

Use it to store your makeup brushes, stationery, or bathroom essentials!

Image and Idea Courtesy: A Little Craft In Your Day