DIY Alert: 6 Must-Have Tools For DIYers

Last updated on December 12th, 2019

DIY-ing is fun! Be it making a lamp out of an empty wine bottle or creating a terrarium, or just fixing things in need of fixing around the house. They can be such a big source of joy. The joy of creating or fixing something!

It’s important then, as DIY-ers for you to have a few basic things put together in a box for those times when something needs to be done, and there isn’t enough time to go shopping.

Here are 6 of those all-time DIY essentials. See if you have them all!

1. Glue Gun

2. Washi Tapes

3. Super Glue

4. Basic Stationery 

5. Cutting Tools

6. Paints

Keep basic paint colors handy, as you might need them to finish off an unfinished task!