10 Chic And Elegant Living Room Dividers

Last updated on July 3rd, 2022

If your house has a large unpartitioned living space, which isn’t structurally separated into a living room, a dining area or a foyer, you might find yourself wondering how to plan the placement of your furniture for the optimal use of space, keeping the aesthetics in mind. This is where a divider or a partition comes into play.

Let’s take a look at how a partition doesn’t just divide spaces but breathes life into an otherwise ordinary looking living area.

1. The elegant wooden divider in this living room doesn’t just separate the dining area, it also adds a touch of class to the overall décor.


2. The chic, white divider in this living room, separates the living and dining areas without totally obliterating the view and blends in beautifully with the white furniture around it.


3. This elegant divider, with three pillars and the shelving space, make for a beautiful separation of the dining area from the rest of the living space and at the same time offers space to display a few knick-knacks that add to its beauty.


4. This quirky divider adds to the eclectic feel of its surrounds while offering a nice separation of the living area from the foyer.


5. This partition blends in so well that it seems like an extension of the overall décor and offers display space and storage as a bonus, apart from separating the living and dining areas.


6. This off-beat divider with potted plants inside it gives the entire space a quirky feel while providing the necessary separation. The differently colored planters and the varied plants add to the quirkiness factor.


7. This wooden divider in the form of vertical bars offers a beautiful separation of the living and dining areas with the design element in the structure adding a touch of class to it.


8. This simple, yet elegant divider helps divide the two spaces, without drawing too much attention to itself. The frosted glass used offers the required privacy without any frills.


9. This elegant glass divider offers the required separation with its elegantly curved frosted glass façade that doesn’t block the light completely, yet gives a feeling of privacy.


10. This ornate divider blends in well with the eclectic décor of the space that it is dividing and perfectly complements the artifacts around it. It provides the necessary separation without blocking the view.


Happy decorating, folks!