Brush Wisely: 7 Surfaces You Should Never Attempt To Paint

Last updated on July 31st, 2023

Home refurbishing is a costly affair. However, if you are handy with paints and fabrics, you can achieve a lot on a tight budget. A bit of paint here and a splash there and voila, you have a new home decor. But beware! After a few successful projects, it is easy to go overboard with a paintbrush.

The result? A disaster that is going to cost you a bomb. So, what are the things you should keep away from your paintbrush? Let’s find out.

1. Your electric appliances

With overuse, a perfectly functional kitchen appliance has a tarnished look with rusted edges. Your itching fingers would love to give the unsightly toaster a coat of paint. But desist. Heat and paint are not the best of friends and it will result in peeling paint and maybe even create toxicity from the heated paint. So, what’s one to do?

We suggest:

  • A fancy toaster cover to amp up the look

  • Keep your appliances in a storage unit after use for a neat look

  • Replace the appliance if all else fails

2. Hardware

Handles and knobs tarnish easily. While they are easy to paint over, the project is doomed to fail. The paint will fade in a short time, and may even peel. So, what are your options?

We suggest:

  • Replace the hardware to give your home a new vibe

3. Fabric and leather furniture

While this is a very obvious tip, there are times when you want to touch up the cracks in your leather sofa when you have guests over. This may seem to work for a while but it will fade soon and may even change the feel of the material. As for fabric, need we even go there? The very thought is enough to make you cringe! So, what are your options?

We suggest:

  • Tarnished leather has a rich look and an old-world charm. It’s best left alone

  • For your fabric upholstery, it doesn’t cost much to get your sofas redone with new material

4. Cooking utensils

Cooking utensils are a strict no-no where paint is concerned. Toxic paint and food are not the best of mates. So, what are your options?

We suggest:

  • Put away your battered pans after cooking

  • Replace them if they are past their expiry date

5. Wooden flooring

Sure, color can jazz up your home decor. And paint is ideal for wooden surfaces. However, floorings have a lot of traffic and before you know it, the paint will chip and fade, destroying your precious flooring. So, what are your options?

We suggest:

  • A fresh coat of stain and polish

  • Area rugs for a spot of color

6. The kitchen backsplash

Painting the kitchen backsplash is tempting when you are bored with what you have. However, kitchen tiles are not porous and the color will not bond with the surface. Within a short time, you will see chipped and peeling paint. Here are your options:

We suggest:

  • A good scrub to revive the beauty of your backsplash

  • Fill up grouts for a finished look

  • Stick on tiles for an exciting vibe

7. Crockery

Crockery is very forgiving and you can amp up your decor with a bit of creativity. However, these DIY projects are best used as decor items and not for use in the kitchen as pigments can be toxic, especially when heated.

We suggest:

  • If you are bored with what you have, treat yourself to a new set

  • Use your old crockery for painting and decoupage projects

Our Thoughts

A coat of paint can revive many things, but you have to draw a line somewhere. The perfect surface and shade of paint can make your home decor more exciting with minimum effort and cost. For more home decor hacks, log in to We not only have a trick or two up our sleeves but also hold the trump card.