6 Extremely Clever Furniture Hacks You Must Know!

It can be hard to discard furniture pieces that have been your faithful companions for decades. But what does one do when they no longer serve any purpose, or are simply too old to be used. Here are 6 clever ways you can repurpose them into something fresh and interesting, and give them a new lease on life. Read on and prepared to get inspired!

1.  If you have old, rickety chairs in the house, instead of having them repaired, how about doing something truly different with them this time around? Turn two or three of them into a stylish bench for your entryway! Even your carpenter would marvel at such a unique idea!

2.   Sometimes we don’t realize how useful certain antique pieces of furniture can be! Turn your ancient hand-me-down study table into two elegant bedside tables with just a little help from your carpenter. Amazing, isn’t it?

3.  You can have your local handyman give a fresh coat of paint to your old dresser and make it made into a comfy bed for your child with storage underneath!

4.   Kids grow up really fast! So, what do you do, when the crib you spent a fortune on, isn’t able to serve its purpose any longer? Just have the bed-rails on one of the sides removed and use it as a toddler bed!

5.  If you’ve got your eyes set on a new dresser, repurpose the old one into your kitty’s favorite retreat, right next to your bed. All you need is a little bit of creativity, and your kitty’s cooperation, of course!

6.  Have an old and dingy-looking coffee table that’s seen better days? Don’t discard it. Have it upholstered in your favorite color and you have a brand-new ottoman for your living room!