14 Playful And Creative Kids Room Decor Ideas

Last updated on December 30th, 2021

If your kid has the luxury of having his own room, make it his/her private castle! Make their opinions count and have them chalk out the small little details that they would like to add. Here are 14 ways different parents from around the world have tried their hand at it, and the results are nothing short of spectacular! Have a look.

1. This room, done up so thoughtfully says so much about the likes of its young dweller!

2. A predominantly pink room with a shock of green making all the difference!

3. A not-so-common mix of colors with elements of fun figuring prominently in the décor.

4. A young lady’s room with her favorite colors popping here and there in a neutral setting.

5.  A teen’s room with clearly defined spaces for work, play and ZZZZZs!

6.  A mix of many colors in a room that’s primarily neutral. Saves you from redoing the décor every few years, to keep up with your kids’ age!

7. No. Purple isn’t a girl’s color anymore. The playful combination of orange and pink makes this a sunny room for any kid. The framed half smiley on the wall is so perfect for that witty person that your little one is trying to become!

8. A gender-neutral room with a creative bed and wall art that any kid would instantly take a liking to!

9. A simple no-nonsense room for your young boy, who likes his space all neat and tidy, and no fuss.

10.  A girl’s room done in neutrals, when the young woman in her refuses anything in pink!

11.  A grey and white room with a teepee of his own! Perfect for times when your little boy has friends over for a nightcap!

12. Pretty in pink! Perfect room for a little girl with a home for everything and everything in its place.

13. Lots of grey with hints of pink. This room for your princess is just perfect as she grapples with what growing out of teddy bears and her favorite blankie is all about.

14.  This amazing kids’ room done up in black and white, with yellow accents is perfect for that in-between stage as your child is no longer a baby, and not quite a teen either!

Happy decorating, folks!