3 Ways To Make Your Home Look Expensively Done-Up

Last updated on March 18th, 2022

We all want it. A fancy-looking house with stylishly planned interiors that spell sheer luxury, with every element. But an expensively done-up home doesn’t really have to be spent so much on. The trick is to be smart about it. Pull together the right look with what you have. And to spend on just the right things.

Here are three such things you can do with your interiors to make them look right out of a glossy Interior Design Magazine!

Invest In That One Statement Piece

It’s okay to decorate your home on a budget. Most of us do it. But that doesn’t have to mean that you need to let it look unoriginal and ordinary. There’s a way around it. Bring home that one luxe item, (you can let yourself splurge on this one item) which will make everyone sit up and take notice. It can be an elaborate chandelier, a breathtakingly beautiful painting, or a one-of-a-kind art piece. The idea is to make a statement with it. And an expensive one at that.

Give Your Old Furniture A Face-lift

Old is the new classy. Don’t just discard your old, hand-me-down chests and sideboards. So, what if they’ve started showing signs of wear and look out of place in your modern interiors. Just give them the right dose of modern with a lick of fresh, contemporary paint, new knobs, and handles, and watch them shine like a work of art in your home.

Get A Rich-Looking Rug

A great rug has many responsibilities. Not only does it lend character to a setting, but also gives the whole space a warm appearance and adds depth, color, and texture to the décor. All this while working hard on making the space under your feet feel cozy and comfortable. Get one for your home and watch the space get an instant luxe appeal. A word of caution, though. Rugs need to be sufficiently large for all furniture legs to find space on it. A small rug, no matter how lovely-looking can break the look of your entire space, effortlessly.

Happy decorating, folks!