8 Brilliantly Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

Although the year 2020 (of the coronavirus!) is coming to a close, after what seemed like an eternity, it’s still important to continue to be careful in following COVID-19 safety precautions, which includes Social Distancing and avoiding as much personal contact as possible, outside of your household.

So, although you might have to stay home this New Year’s Eve, it definitely doesn’t mean that it needs to be any less fun!
Here are 8 creative ways to mark the end of 2020 at home, with traditions both old and new!

  1. Dress to Kill

Whoever said that there’s no point in dressing up just to sit on the couch, doesn’t know how to have fun! Pull out your party clothes and dress-up exactly how you would for a party.

2. Make yourself a New Year cocktail (with help from YouTube)

Make yourself a special cocktail to toast with at midnight! There are scores of YouTubers who teach you how to make great cocktails right at home. Do some research and decide on what works best for you, and while you’re at it, plan on some nice mocktails for the kids as well, so that they don’t feel left out!

3. Host a video call with loved ones

Use Zoom or Google Meet to ring in the New Year with all your loved ones gathered together. Make sure you bring the elders up to speed on the Tech part of it, beforehand.

4. Plan a virtual toast with your friends

Plan a time beforehand with friends to raise a glass to the year 2020, and the good and the bad that it brought with it! Although it did put a damper on things, the year, after all, did bring with it, important learnings.

5. Plan an in-house Dance/Karaoke party

Get everyone at home to let their hair down with a fun, Karaoke or Dance party, right at home. Involve everyone by making sure there’s a good mix of songs. If you can gather interesting props – all the more fun!

6. Welcome the New Year with Confetti Poppers and Noisemakers!

Announce the arrival of the new year with plenty of noisemakers and confetti poppers, as the clock strikes twelve! The more the merrier!

7. Plan an all-night-long Movie Marathon!

If you’re the more laid-back kind, and noisy celebrations aren’t your thing, plan a movie marathon and stay up all night. Welcome the new year with your favorite stars and a giant bowl of popcorn!

8. End the night with a fancy dessert

Bid Goodbye to the craziest-year-ever by giving it a sweet ending. Treat your whole family to a fancy dessert surprise! Whether you bake it or Swiggy it, make sure it’s big, fancy and, absolutely decadent!
Wishing everyone out there, a happy and safe New Year!