Diwali Decor: 5 Modern Ideas To Glam Up Your Home-Beautiful-Home This Diwali

Last updated on October 13th, 2022

Diwali is a nostalgic time. Many of us remember how our parents would get diyas and candles to decorate the home with. And the child in us still gets excited at the prospect of Diwali and all that it brings.

So now that it’s finally that time of the year when we bring the string lights out of storage and make beautiful rangolis in the entryway, let us recreate some of that magic with a modern, updated twist.

Here are 5 ways to make your home beautifully Diwali-ready!

1. Gold Accents

Can anything ever be more glamorous than a gold-accented room? It is the color of luxury and the color with which we welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

How can you do this?

With gold-painted diyas and golden lanterns.

Using antique bronze and brass vases for flowers.

Hanging gold-hued fairy lights in the balconies, windows, and doorframes.

Switching to cushion covers or tablecloths with gold sequins.

You can adopt traditional or modern designs as per your taste.

2. Environmentally-friendly décor

Festivals are an opportunity to celebrate responsibly. Embrace mother nature by using flowers and other natural materials and ditching plastics.

How can you do this?

By creating rangolis with flowers and petals.

Using reusable and low-wattage LED strings.

Making paper or flower torans for the door.

Repurposing old silk sarees to make brightly colored cushion covers.

Upcycling your old furniture! Find some cool ways to do it here.

These will give your home a natural and welcoming look, without the artificial smells and colors of plastics! Embrace the beauty of nature and stand out from the crowd. How does that sound?

3. Mirrors – with a twist

Now here’s a new twist to traditional Diwali decor – mirrors! We all know that mirrors can be very effective in amplifying the existing light in a space. How about using them to double the gleaming light of diyas and tea-light candles?

How can you do this?

By adding large ceiling-to-floor mirrors in dimly lit rooms.

Strategically placing small mirrors in your garden or entryway.

Putting them around diyas and candles to enhance their brightness.

Adorning mirror frames with strings of light.

Adding a mirror to the ceiling.

The last one is a bit tricky, but it can create a remarkable cinematic effect if you do like to take things up a notch!

Mirrors are definitely a more modern approach to decorating a place with light. And when used correctly, they can make your space look twice as large and glamorously Diwali-ish!

4. Traditional tapestry – combined with flowers

How can we neglect the walls while we are decorating? A traditional painting, a few wall hangings, or flower garlands can change the look of any room.

How can you do this?

By adding a festive painting – it can serve as the focal point of your living room.

Draping an elegant table runner over the center table. This can easily change up the look of your dining table as well.

Putting up a wall hanging on an otherwise blank wall.

Hanging flower festoons off the walls.

Reupholstering the sofas – now this takes some serious commitment. But, if you were already contemplating changing up the look of the furniture, this may be the best time to change the upholstery. Choose a jewel tone in a smooth, rich fabric.

5. Fragrances – for a sweet-smelling celebration

While everyone focuses on the lights during Diwali, and rightly so – why not take it up a notch to engage the sense of smell as well? A beautifully scented home is sure to leave a lasting impression.

How can you do this?

DIYing potpourri: you can combine fragrant spices such as cinnamon sticks with flower petals or herbs like dried basil. Store them in cloth pouches around the house for a subtle scent. Or leave them in bowls on tables and let them spread their magic!

Using incense sticks – this is the most traditional method to add fragrance to the home. You can also burn small sandalwood sticks or use scented candles to make every corner of your home fragrant with the spirit of Diwali!

Diwali is the best time to refresh the look of your home, but do not forget to clean up and declutter first!

Here are some easy ways to start the cleaning process: https://homebliss.in/hacksideas/5-super-easy-cleaning-hacks-youve-got-to-try/

We wish you a Happy Diwali in a blissfully beautiful home you can’t stop admiring!