Storage Therapy: 9 Smart Closet Hacks to Squeeze Out More Space

Last updated on October 13th, 2021

Closets can be one of the messiest places in the house. And believe it or not, we store a lot of unwanted things in them. And we all could use way more efficient ways of storing clothes in them!

Here are 9 hacks to turn your ever-so-messy closet into a space that is tidy and that stays tidy even after weeks and weeks of use!

1.  Use pull-out hangers to hang trousers and pants. This way they will never get creased (the way they do when you fold them in a pile) and will be much easier to find.


2. Ever thought of storing your jeans and pants by hanging them off clothespins, in this clever way? This way, they are a lot easier to find and your closet looks no less than a showroom window!


3.  Keep your drawers super organized by having them segregated into neat compartments (with some help from your local handyman, of course!).

Courtesy: popsugar

4.  Get inexpensive drawer organizers (easily available online) and give your innerwear a tidy home, not to mention plenty of space to brea

Courtesy: everythingontime

5.  An open closet with pull-out boxes and shelves makes hunting for the right clothes so much easier, and as an added bonus, looks way classier than any normal closet!


6.  Space constraint? Get creative and turn a blank wall into an open closet by using collapsible shelves and rods in different sizes.

Courtesy: loversiq

7.  Install sturdy hooks on the inside of your closet door and use them to hang your bags.

Courtesy: howtonestforless

8. What an ingenious way to give your heels plenty of breathing space!

Courtesy: mit24h

9. Free up precious space in your closet by storing your scarves and stoles in hangers like this one. You’ll end up using even the ones that were buried deep inside your closet.