August Checklist: Tackle all your Monsoon Woes!

Last updated on August 10th, 2020

We all have a love-hate relationship with the monsoons. During summer we long to experience the first rain of the year, and during monsoons, we soon tire of the non-stop downpour. And, that is why we bring you the August home checklist. This month’s checklist contains the household tasks you need to address in the month of August, that’ll enable you to enjoy some ‘me-time’. From preparing a drop zone for all your monsoon accessories to purging your closet, the August checklist will prep you up for the upcoming days!

1. Wrap up the Carpets & Wooden Artifacts

August means relentless rains, which also means an increase in moisture levels in the atmosphere. So, we suggest you wrap up all your expensive carpets and wooden artifacts that may get damaged due to the dampness in the air.

2. Check for Window and Roof Leaks

August brings heavy rainfall. So, we suggest you seal all the holes in the windows to ensure no water enters your home even during the heaviest of downpours. Check your rooftop and porches to ensure you don’t have any leaks and in the event that you do, hire a contractor to seal every one of the holes and if needed, apply a waterproof coating.

3. Prepare a Drop Zone

Monsoon means muddy shoes and rain-soaked umbrellas. This month, we ask you to keep a drop-zone ready in the entryway, so that you can drop in all your rain-drenched essentials into one place, without making your house appear messy.

4. Pest-Proof your Closet

Monsoon also happens to be the season for all those creepy crawlies. Stay safe by reorganizing your closet and disinfect your clothes by placing neem leaves or cloves in between.

5. Check the Drainage System

Another thing that you need to get checked this month is your home’s drainage system. Ensure that there is no drain blockage in your house, as stagnant water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes. Also, don’t forget to spray some disinfectant around your house.

6. Try not to take out your Car

We have all seen videos and pictures of floating cars during heavy rains. Hence, spare yourself the trauma of taking your car out during peak monsoons. Instead, use public transport to avoid any heavy damage to your car.