Bug Battle: Terminate Termites With These 5 Top Tips

Last updated on November 8th, 2023

Termites boring through your furniture can be a nightmare. Apart from the “clicking” or chewing sounds coming from the woodwork, there is the horror of the tunnel-like groves running through the furniture. While we can go into the why’s and wherefores of their head-banging habits, let’s cut to the chase and talk about how to tackle this menace.

And hey, your can of pest spray may work for cockroach or mosquito infestations. However, for termites, you need to take out the big guns. Let’s find out how.

Types of Termites

Where your furniture is concerned, there are two basic type of termites you should worry about. These are the dry wood and the subterranean termites. Subterranean termites thrive in both soil and wood. The moist conditions under the soil are ideal for building colonies. These deadly creatures can destroy the foundation of your home, a bite at a time. Their dry wood pals thrive in dry walls, eaves, and furniture. But, wet or dry, these deadly creatures mean business and the sooner you tackle them the better.

How Do You Know There is Termite Infestation?

Unfortunately, white ants do not carry identity tags, but it’s crucial to be aware of the following indicators regardless of their type:

  • Check for minute holes in your furniture.

  • Push against the surface to check for hollow areas. A hollow sound when you knock on the surface means the pests have been busy chewing up your furniture.

  • Sawdust particles on the floor are another sign you should look out for. Wood-colored droppings and wings near cracks are another sign of infestation.

  • A mud-tube formation coming out of the wall means you may have the subterranean variety in your home.

Let the Termites Know Who the is Boss!

Rather than looking for home remedies, the smartest thing to do is to call in the professionals. However, if the infestation is contained, there are several ways to tackle this chewy issue for the future. To get the best of both worlds, get an estimate from your vendor. You will know more about the extent of the damage and whether you can handle it yourself.

So, how do you get rid of your chomping buddies? Let’s find out.

Tip One: Sunlight exposure

Exposure to sunlight is a cheap and natural way to rid your furniture of these pests. As termites love dark and moist holes, sun exposure will do the trick. Termites will die faster than the nine pins at the bowling alley. As the sun will dry the furniture too, you will get rid of the pests soon enough.

Tip Two: A cardboard trap

Cardboard boxes are an effective trap for termites. Termites love the scent of cellulose in the box. Once the scent lures them to the moistened box, discard the box, termites and all. Burning it is the safest way to deal with them.

Tip Three: Parasite nematodes

Parasitic nematodes are manna from heaven. Allow this batch of worms to enter the burrows. They will kill the larva within a couple of days. Where do you get these little Avengers? Try your neighborhood plant nursery.

Tip Four: Treat the wood with oil

Oils such as neem and orange effectively destroy termites. You can either pour these oils on the wood or spray the furniture with the oil. The di-limonene in the orange oil will kill the termites when they come into contact with it. Neem oil, on the other hand, will kill them when they ingest it.

Tip Five: Maintain distance between the soil and wood

Make sure to maintain a distance of at least 18 inches between your garden soil and your construction. If you suspect an infestation in the foundation, contact your pest control service to spray and inject chemicals into it.

Our Thoughts

Termites are not to be taken lightly. While these home remedies will help you, if you are in doubt, let the experts handle the infestation before it gets out of hand. For tips on maintenance and home decor, check out homebliss.in for answers.