Daily Hacks: 12 Surprisingly Unusual Uses Of Coke

Last updated on December 24th, 2020

Coke is a magical beverage! Not only is it a great thirst-quencher, but can also help you with some heavy-duty cleaning around the house. Find out more in this blog!

1. It Can Clean The Toilet

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Empty a can of Coke into the toilet bowl and clean it as usual with a brush. You’ll find your toilet spotlessly clean!

2. It Fights Rust

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If you have screws and other steel tools that have caught rust, immerse the tools in Coke to get rid of the rust. If the tool is small, you can just immerse it in Coke. If the tool is big, then soak an old towel in Coke and wrap it around the rusted tool for sometime before wiping it clean with a damp cloth.

3.  It Can Clean Burnt Pots

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Burnt pots can be a nightmare to clean! Give the burnt area a soak in coke for at least 30 minutes before scrubbing it clean with a scrubber, effortlessly.

4. It Cleans Windows

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Coke is a cheaper alternative to expensive window cleaners. One of the primary elements in Coke is citric acid, which has great cleaning properties.  Just spray some on the windowpane, wipe it clean and finally, clean the windows with water to make sure the surfaces aren’t sticky from the sweet drink.

5. It Cleans Copper Utensils

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Coke is great at cleaning tarnished copper utensils! The acidic component removes the dullness and stains off the surface with just some gentle scrubbing.

6. It Makes Cakes Fluffier


Add coke to your chocolate cake batter to make your cake fluffier and softer. It really works!

7. It Removes Chewing Gum


Coke can easily remove chewing gum off clothes and even hair. So, before you rush off to get a pair of scissors the next time you have gum stuck in your hair, give Coke a try. Soak the gum in some coke, leave it on for a few minutes and it will come right off.

8. It Can Remove Blood Stains


Just pour some coke onto the stain and let it sit for some time, and then wash it off with water. The stain will disappear.

9. It Helps With Nausea


Drinking Coke can temporarily help with minor stomach ailments like indigestion. Drink a teaspoon of Coke stored at room temperature, every hour to ease nausea.

10. It Lightens Hair Color

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Coke is known to lighten hair color. If you’ve ended up coloring your hair way darker than you planned to, wash it with coke, and see it becoming visibly lighter.

11. It Is A Floor Cleaner


Pour a can of coke in a bucket of water and use it to clean the floor. It’ll be sparkly clean in no time.

12. It Can Curl Hair


Washing your hair with Coke can give you beautiful curls.