6 Amenities You Can Do Without

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023

When you undertake a new renovation project or enter the market for house-hunting, amenities are one of the primary things you consider. The Internet is full of lists of amenities you should consider for your new home.

There are several factors you need to consider in your “needs” and “wants” list. However, these days, only a few articles talk about the amenities you don’t really need in a home. Let’s discuss the six amenities you can actually do without:

1. Open Plan Concept

As fewer walls can make a home appear larger than its true footprint, this design is quite popular. The flip side is that it is challenging to design and create distinct living zones in open-concept homes. Moreover, entertaining might be difficult in homes with open floor designs. Consider this: While entertaining visitors, clutter and items on the counters are constantly in view, and you are constantly glancing at them!

Hence, if you don’t have a habit of keeping things organized, this could be a hassle. Also, houses with this layout plan almost share the same appearance. These dwellings lack personality and distinction.

2. A Separate Media Room

A giant theater-style screen in your home for watching films or television used to be a big status symbol that many people sought. Everyone desired a location with a few rows of plush sofas, the best sound system, and perhaps a small kitchenette where they could prepare their preferred snacks.

Some individuals still want these specialty rooms, but don’t let the absence of one prevent you from choosing an otherwise ideal house. Nowadays, technology allows you to convert any space into a TV room.

3. Bathtubs for Each Bathroom

It can be enticing to desire one in every bathroom in the house because a good, hot, relaxing bath does miracles for the soul. But if a location only has showers, should you strike it off your list?

Of course, bathtubs are a necessity if you have young children. Consider how frequently you actually carve out time for one. Try not to get too fixated on a feature you may not use very often — showers are common for most people.

4. Landline Connections

Having several dedicated phone lines in a home is another feature that is losing importance. It used to be considered a luxury to have a phone in each bedroom, particularly when you had teenage kids. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker now.

Nowadays, telephone landlines are largely unnecessary or limited to the kitchen and sometimes the first bedroom. Increasingly people are relying only on their mobile phones. Don’t worry about a single outlet unless you require a phone for your Internet service.

5. Marble Countertops

People give their kitchen counters a lot of thought. For kitchen counters, builders typically use standard laminate and declare the project finished. Still, quartz, granite, and marble are emerging at the forefront and have gained popularity.

Although granite is still the ruler of countertops, marble has a devoted following and is the “only option” for some customers. Indeed, these marble countertops are attractive and long-lasting, but there are a few things to think about with marble before making a final decision. The price is the first thing. Nowadays, you may obtain a similar appearance for much less money than you would pay for marble.

6. Wine Cellar

Few individuals actually consume enough wine to consider this a practical use of space in the home. However, it won’t reduce the overall value of your property. Instead of using it this way, you’ll add greater value by converting it into an additional bathroom or closet. You can create a small bar nook or a display cabinet near your dining area when storing your wine collection. This will let you create your own version of a wine cellar while saving space and money.

To Sum Up

Amenities are ultimately a matter of preference. However, the more amenities we consider, the higher our budget will go. The six amenities mentioned in this article give you an insight into how you can build your dream home without compromising on aesthetics, needs, and wants. There are many alternatives to work around these amenities that you don’t really need. For more information related to home and amenities, check out the Homebliss blog!