3 More Changes That’ll Make Your Small Bathroom Spa-Like!

Last updated on October 7th, 2021

Don’t let your small bathroom space bog you down. Haven’t you heard? Small is the new big.

Welcome back folks! Having agreed on and discussed how vital and easy it is, to turn your bathroom into your own in-house spa, we’re here to show you a few more stunning ways to do it in. In case you’ve missed the last read in this series, you can find it here.

The trick really is in those tiny changes. And here are 3 more of them. Time to create the right space for some self-indulgence! Read on.

1. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Spas encourage self-indulgence, and let’s admit it, there’s nothing wrong with feeling good about oneself. Replace your utilitarian mirrors with stylish mirrors that spell ‘spa’. And go big with it. And don’t stop yourself from considering even wall-to-wall mirrors. Why not? It’s your in-house spa after all. Show it some love.

2. Smart Storage

Spa and storage? Yes. Just because you don’t notice it outright, doesn’t mean it doesn’t register somewhere in your head. A big part of why spas are, well, like spas, is the way they use the space to store things in aesthetically pleasing ways. And you certainly don’t see toilet bowl cleaners out on display.
Rethink storage in your bathroom. Put away everything purely utilitarian behind closed shelves. Use the open space only for things that look nice. So that every time you enter your in-house spa, all you see is relaxation and luxury!

3. Tiles That Say Something

The tiles that are used in a bathroom are almost as important as the faucets and shower fittings, if not more and a sure-shot way to transform the space. They help set the tone of the entire space, and need careful planning.
Use tiles to segregate spaces in your small bathroom and break the monotony. If you’re into subtle stuff, you can choose the Scandinavian style and use tiles in light hues and geometric patterns. If you like your space with some personality, go dark with your tiles and add drama to this important space you use every day!