Tech Savvy? How About Going Hi-Tech With Your Bathroom?

Last updated on March 28th, 2023

Evolving technology is making life a lot easier. And while we introduce tech-savvy gadgets in other areas of our home, sometimes the bathroom takes a back seat. Let’s face it; with digital faucets, infrared sensors, and music while you shower, bathing can become a magical experience.

So, what are the latest gadgets available in the market? And what do they have to offer? To put things in the proper perspective, we need to take a deep dive into the world of digital bathing. One thing’s for sure; life will never be the same again.

Faucets with Sensors

These faucets not only save you the trouble of turning the tap on and off when you want to wash your hands, but you save water too. This will reduce your carbon footprint and also reduce your water bills. These faucets are a boon in the kitchen, too, when your fingers are coated with batter.

Soap Dispensers

A coin-sized dollop of hand wash falling into your palm is a luxury. A perfect match for your sensor faucet, this no-touch dispenser is affordable and ideal in this age of viruses and pandemics. What’s more, it saves soap and time too.

A Shower, the Digital Way

A lot of water is wasted while we wait for the right temperature. And it can be a bother when we have deadlines to meet. With a digital shower, you can set the desired temperature so the water is right when you step under the shower. This takes a couple of seconds, give or take. As you can control the pressure, you can go for a gentle wash or an invigorating rush of water as per your mood.

A Bathroom Singer with a Difference

For the ultimate in luxury, there is the option of listening to your favorite music as you shower. There is also the option of LED lights while the music thrums – a sensational experience, without a doubt, and a must-have for your bathroom.

A High-tech Commode

Whether the commode seat is up or down is a perineal argument in most households. With digital advances, you no longer need to worry as it is automated. The insulated seat feature is ideal for freezing weather, and as most of these digital contraptions flush automatically, too, they are manna from heaven. And ahem, the water jets do the needful for cleaning up after. So, all in all, it’s a hands-free visit to the toilet.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Misty mirrors are a bane, especially when your partner has fogged the bathroom and you need a fine shave. The electronic mirror defogger instantly defogs the mirror, and you can have that shave without reaching for a towel to wipe off the mist. But that’s not all. A touch screen displays the weather, the date and time, and your favorite video clips. Besides this, you can adjust the light when you want to shave or touch up your makeup.

Waterproof TV

A high-definition touch screen in a bathroom may seem like a pipe dream. But this frameless wonder can seamlessly blend in your bathroom, and since it’s waterproof, you don’t need to worry about damage to the equipment. You can install your set in front of the commode or across the bathtub for an enjoyable experience. The downside? The cricket season can play havoc as your partner isn’t going to be in a hurry to vacate the bathroom!

A point to note; before you buy the set, make sure it has a waterproof rating of at least IP 65. This way, your TV will be resistant to splashes as well as direct contact with water.

As all the above digital systems can easily be controlled through apps on your iPad, tablet, or phone, your life will see a dramatic change for the better once you install these high-tech gadgets.

Final Thoughts

With evolution, life has changed drastically. And keeping up with the latest gadgets is one way of making your life a lot more comfortable. And hey, if you can afford these gadgets, you have earned the right to have them in your bathroom! For more exciting blogs on home décor, log in to